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‘Up!’ Week 2!

This week ‘Up’ has fallen one place in the official singles chart. It is now at #6 which is still very good so Go The Saturdays! But it would be even better if they got back into the top 5, so if you haven’t got the single already then what are you waiting for? Go buy it!

Also the album is out as you can see from the previous post so buy that too!

C’mon everyone lets give The Saturdays the success they deserve!

“Chasing Lights” Lyrics


“Chasing Lights”
Go on go on go on (4x)

I’ve been doing this my way
your way, our way
can’t make it work
when all i have is not enough

i’ve been doing all i can
my plan, your plan
and all i get is hurt
This game we’re playing has to stop

I got you stuck in my head
And all you do is breaking me
I can’t continue taking this
I tried my best to understand
but I cannot make sense of you
I got to take a stand and baby

I don’t wanna waste another day
I don’t wanna live my life this way
I’m tired, I just wanna lie back down

I don’t wanna waste another night
I don’t wanna keep on chasing lights
so go on go on go on
go on go on go on
bye bye…

I remember I met you
let you get your way in everything
you took complete control of me
I remember you lying, crying, trying to get away with it
But now I know cause now I see

I believed all that you said
I never questioned any nights
I never opened up my eyes
All your words got me misled
Now I’m standing
I’m alive
I never hurt you by my side.

I don’t wanna waste another day
I don’t wanna live my life this way
I’m tired, I just wanna lie back down

I don’t wanna waste another night
I don’t wanna keep on chasing lights
so go on go on go on
go on go on go on
bye bye…
bye byeee oohhh

I’ve been doing this my way
your way, our way
it doesn’t work
When all I have is not enough
I’ve been all I can
my plan, your plan
and all I get is hurt

I don’t wanna waste another day
I don’t wanna live my life this way
I’m tired, I just wanna lie back down

I don’t wanna waste another night
I don’t wanna keep on chasing lights
so go on go on go on
go on go on go on
bye bye…
bye byeee oohhh

bye bye.

“Up” iTunes Report – Day4

Sorry in advance for the lack of updates, but let’s get to the important information:

The Saturdays currently are in the top5 chart positioning on the Official UK Singles Chart mid-weeks. This is brilliant! The war is not over, keep supporting our Saturdays! I’ve yet to be gifted the single myself, lol.

“Up” is currently standing at #2 on  the iTunes UK Pop Chart and Overall Chart! Not only that, but the girls are charting top 10 also on iTunes Ireland, where they stand at #7 so far in the game! Another round of congrats to the girls and all of you out there!

And lastly, “Up” has been A-listed on Radio1!!

C’mon Team Saturdays, we can get them to #1 on iTunes and hopefully top3 on the official charts! Request on the radio, request on the tele, send e-mail promoting the girls to friends, gift “Up” on iTunes, and buy the physical singles. We are so close to the top, remember, “…Up is where we go from here!”

The Saturdays 1

digital spy Monday, October 13 2008, 06:58 BST

By Nick Levine, Music Editor

The Saturdays proved an instant hit with pop fans when their debut single, the Yazoo-sampling ‘If This Is Love’, cracked the top ten in August. Now the effervescent five-piece are aiming to make it two in a row with ‘Up’, an electropop track that’s even more infectious than their debut. Are they feeling nervous? We hooked up with the girls to find out.

How have things changed for The Saturdays since you first spoke to DS in July?
Rochelle: “There’s more to do now, but in a good way! More people are recognising us and because our single charted well we’re wanted for more TV shows and gigs.”
Una: “It’s just got really busy for us, but that’s the way we want it.”

Were you pleased with ‘If This Is Love’s chart position?
Mollie: “We were thrilled! Nobody really knew The Saturdays at that point and for a new girl group to go straight into the top ten is fantastic.”
Frankie: “It just really puts the pressure on us now for the next one.”

What’s the aim for ‘Up’?
Rochelle: “Top ten again definitely, but it seems like everyone who’s anyone has got a single out right now. Loads of girls are making a comeback at the moment, so we’re even more scared than last time.”

Your album’s coming out in a couple of weeks too. Is ‘Up’ or ‘If This Is Love’ a better indication of what we should expect?
Frankie: “Actually I think ‘Up’ is a better representation than ‘If This Is Love’.”
Una: “But the album’s got a bit of everything – pop, hints of R&B, a bit of electro and some really strong ballads too.”
Frankie: “We worked with Rihanna’s producers on a couple of songs and one of our writers has written for the Pussycat Dolls, so we feel like we’ve worked with some of the best people around. We’re just dead excited.”

Who chose the album title, “Chasing Lights“?
Una: “It’s actually one of the tracks on the album, so we all just thought, ‘Aha! That would be a good title’.”
Rochelle: “It’s a very apt title and it explains a bit about us, because we’re chasing our names in lights.”
Una: “We’re still chasing the dream, aren’t we? It’s still very early days for us. We haven’t really been established yet and it’s up to the public to decide whether we’re still going to be around in a year.”
Vanessa: “We kinda feel like we’re still on trial. We know we’ve got a long way to go.”

What was the worst album title that was suggested?
Rochelle: “Probably ‘Saturday Night Fever’.”
Frankie: “And people made up a rumour on the internet that the album was going to be called ‘Taking Back Sunday’ – you know, like the band. They put it on our Wikipedia page so everyone thought it was true. We were like, ‘Oh no, is that really going to be our title without us even knowing? Please don’t let that be our title!'”

You’re about to shoot an episode of Late Night Hollyoaks. What can you tell us about that?
Una: “Even though we’re playing us in the episode we’re still acting. It’s all top secret though, so we can’t say very much.”
Vanessa: “And we will be performing during the episode, but they’ll probably just show some clips instead of the whole performance.”

Finally, what do you think of Britney’s new single?
Rochelle: “I love it, I’ve got it on my MySpace page now! Womanizer, womanizer, womanizer, womanizer…”
Mollie: “She always comes out with great songs – she never fails to do that, even when her personal life’s not going so well.”

Do you think she can pull off the comeback?
Una: “Oh, it’s definitely going to happen. She seems to be cleaning up, doesn’t she? She’s looking better every time we see her.”
Mollie: “I think it was really good for her to appear at the VMAs. She looked really well and winning all those awards was just what she needed.”

‘Up’ by The Saturdays is out now. The group’s debut album, Chasing Lights, follows on October 27.

“Up” iTunes Report – Day1

After a whole day on iTunes, the girls have been able to catapult into the top20 at #15 on the main charts and #8 on the pop chart! Congrats to the girls and the fans, awesome job!

In the meantime, “If this is Love” manages to hold onto the #67 spot on the main charts and #23 on the pop chart! Which by the way, “If this is Love” climbed 14 places to #76 on it’s 11th week on the Official UK Singles Chart this week. Good times indeed!

Now for you fans out there worried if this is a good start or not for “Up”, let’s go back in time and you’ll find that after a full day of charting, “If this is Love” was located in the top 30 at #24. So there is definitely improvement there, again great job to the fans and of course the girls themselves for putting out such an ace single!

Check back later where I’ll make an update after Day2 and also a reminder that the physical copy is available finally!

“Up” on iTunes NOW

“Up” can now be purchased on iTunesUK! C’mon everyone, it’s time to buy, buy, buy and help the girls get another top10 hit! Just click here and you’ll be directed to the song on iTunes! Buy yourself copies, gift it to friends or other fans as early Christmas presents. And remember, the physical copy release is tomorrow!

As a sidenote, “If this is Love” is making a comeback now standing at #20 on the Pop Chart and #61 on the overall chart. Great going!

The Times: The Saturdays: Up Another scorching single from the ashes-of-S Club 8 girl group, containing one of the great chart-pop bridges of recent years.

News Round-Up

With the release of “Up” just around the corner, the girls have been doing interviews and talking with the press as part of their promotion. Here are quick bites and links to read up on the latest on the girls.

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