Daily Archives: October 6, 2008

New Routine to ‘Keep Her’

Vanessa has recently posted a blog discussing the latest on The Saturdays’ University Tour; including a mention that the ribbons for the “Keep Her” routine are no more:

Hi Everyone!! It feels like I haven’t done a blog for ages…I quite miss it LOL!! Well I’m back now! we’ve been super busy¬† this week but right now we’ve just finished doing a gig at Swansea University. It was so much fun. The crowd were amazing! We’re just driving back in the rain now. It’s got so cold all of a sudden!

BRRRR! We performed our new dance routine to Keep Her without the ribbons this time because the ribbons have unfortunately died! LoL! They’ve been worn out because we have used them soo much!!! It went really well which is good because we learnt the new routine in only 2 dance lessons so not very long at all! We were all a bit panicked but luckily everything was fine! It was soo hot on stage though, you could literally see the sweat on my face!! HaHa It wasn’t a very flattering look at all but it’s so true! Other than that we all had a good time!

Well it was nice being able to chat away but I won’t blabber on!

I will see u very soon!!! X xx x xx

– Vanessa

“Why Me, Why Now” on Youtube

A new Saturdays track has found its way onto youtube, be one of the first to checkout “Why Me, Why Now” which is to be included on the girls upcoming debut album, Chasing Lights.

The song is a mid-tempo relating to those early mornings heading home, thinking about a potential lover who you can’t get out of your mind after a night out. Check out the track!