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The Saturdays Present “Chasing Lights”

Here we have the official album cover for the group’s debut album, “Chasing Lights”!

A blog was posted on their official myspace, check it out by clicking on the image or the link here.

One of the girls even left put her two cents in:

Wow, here it is, our very first album. Our first of many! Haha…Seriously though, we’re so proud of all of this. It’s been amazing just working with everyone who has had something to do with Chasing Lights. What I love most about it is the variety of tracks on it. I love dancing to the more uptempo tracks but then some of the ballads like, ‘Fall’ are so beautiful. I really hope all the fans enjoy it and I can’t wait to read in the forum what you all think!!!

– Frankie

Remember to pre-order NOW and that the album is slated for an October 27th, 2008 release!

Oh! and a clip of “Keep Her” has been added onto the Saturdays’ official myspace playlist so check that out as well.

“Chasing Lights” pushed Back

The debut album from the girls has been pushed back to the 27th of October is the rumor making the rounds on the internet. Sources such as musicweek are being credited with confirming the devastating news.

Don’t fret though fans, it’s just a few more weeks to go and gives us more time to make sure word is out about the release! In the meantime, for those who haven’t had the chance to see, here are some of the Saturdays recording “Work”!




Music Review on Soldier Magazine

The Saturdays

The Saturdays

IF you’re a bloke who’s just flicked onto the music pages after having a good laugh at Chris Waitt’s expense in the movie reviews, you will know never to underestimate a woman.

Tempting though it might be to dismiss the quintet of gorgeous babes known as The Saturdays as the latest batch of models who can’t hold a note, you will do so at your peril. The fivesome are quality musicians and talented singers with brains enough to more than match their beauty.

read the rest of the article by clicking the image or following the link here

Sats are 3 for 3, Perez Approves

Celebrity gossip blogger, Perez Hilton, has shown our girls another post of love.

“…Everything we’re hearing from The Saturdays is gold!!!!

Our favorite new girl group, these Brits deliver the good.

Why Me, Why Now is another new song from The Saturdays‘ debut album.

And it’s like a fine chocolate mousse, so smooth and creamy…”

You can find the post on the girls by clicking here.

This is the third time Perez has brought up the girls, previously for “If this is Love” and their latest hit, “Up”, which hits stores on October 13th. Make sure to support the ladies!