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EXCLUSIVE: The Saturdays: We love Girls Aloud

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the sats

The Saturdays have had a tough week. In the middle of promotion for their new single “Forever Is Over” the girls were reported to have “got nasty” and slagged off Girls Aloud and the Sugababes.

So because we are great people here at The Goss, we decided to ask the girls what they really think of their competition as well as what to expect from their new album.

Here is what the girls had to say before their performance at Juice FM’s Big Night out in Liverpool, UK.

On being better than Girls Aloud:

Rochelle: We didn’t say that, all these people were like ‘Girlbands are quieting down so are you guys going to step up and take over?’ We were like ‘yeah,’ that is all we said we’d like to step up and then people say we are declaring war on other bands.

Frankie: We say yeah ofcourse were ready then we get in trouble for it.”

Una: We’d never come out and say we are better than Girls Aloud, they have been there and done it. Bands like The Sugababes and Girls Aloud are great examples for us.

Frankie: “I mean come on Girls Aloud gave us are break, they let us come on tour with them, we would never say anything bad about the girls.”

On the new album:

Mollie: “It’s still hot but we have all grown up a bit, especially as a group, and we have improved a lot musically so all that together is going to make a pretty hot album.

Frankie: There is going to be a bit of a rocky sound, but there is still going to be a lot of pop songs as well, we are not exactly going heavy metal, that will be the next album!

On Kanye West’s VMA rant:

Vanessa: “I love Kanye but what he did was out of order, he totally stole the girls moment.

Frankie: “I real like Taylor Swift, she has great songs so I was furious.

Rochelle: “He ruined Beyonce’s moment as well.”

The girls were spot on, and sure enough they rocked the night away when they got up on stage. Top girls, and we wish them the best of luck in taking over the world.

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Interview The Saturdays

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Over at Bliss HQ we can’t get enough of The Saturdays which is why we’re mega excited to be interviewing them on Monday. We’ve got loads to ask them but we reckon as their fans you’ll have loads too, so now’s your time to share. Got a question for the girls? Want to know what they think of Girls Aloud? How about how loved up Frankie is with Dougie? Ask them anything and if it’s picked, we’ll be putting your quezza to them. What are you waiting for? Leave your question below…

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Dolly Rockers ‘regret’ Saturdays comments

Wednesday, September 16 2009, 17:48 BST

By David Balls, Music Reporter

Dolly Rockers 'regret' Saturdays comments

The Dolly Rockers have admitted that they regret criticising The Saturdays earlier this year.

The girlband, whose debut single ‘Gold Digger’ recently stalled at number 46, insisted that they were naive in dealing with the press and their comments were misinterpreted.

“That was one of the first interviews we did and we could have been a bit cleverer,” singer Lucie Kay told In The News.

“It wasn’t in a nasty way, The Times asked us if we’d compare ourselves to them and we said no because they were put together and we weren’t. We’re not saying they’re rubbish.”

Brooke Challinor added: “We thought every person we spoke to was our best friend and they’d understand how we come across in person, but the way one comment is written might be a lot different to the way it was said.

“We said we wouldn’t compare ourselves to the Saturdays ’cause they’re manufactured and we’re not, but it was printed as us saying we were better than them.

“Which obviously we’ve got no right to say, they’ve got a year on us and we’ve not even had a hit.”

The Saturdays singer Rochelle Wiseman blasted the three-piece as “chavs” following the original comments.

Dolly Rockers release new single ‘Boys And Girls’ next month.

Source: Digitalspy

Saturdays rap kanye

Saturdays rap kanye

16th September 2009
THE Saturdays have branded Kanye West “an animal” after his drunken behaviour at the MTV VMAs.

The rapper, 32, has been scratched off the foxy quintet’s Christmas card list after he interrupted Taylor Swift, 19, during her awards acceptance speech.

Rochelle Wiseman, 20, told me: “What an animal. I don’t care if it was a publicity stunt, it was too mean.

“Beyoncé saved the day. What a classy lady – she’s the real star.” Leggy Rochelle has warned her former idol not to try the same stunt at the MTV Europe Awards in November.

“I don’t think he’d dare try it with five of us girls on stage,” she added. “But if he did, he wouldn’t still be standing.”

The fivesome have long expressed their desire to work with Kanye West one day, but that’s all changed now.

Rochelle explained: “I don’t know how many times we’ve said we’d love to work with Kanye, but that’s the last time I say that. From now on it’s all about Jay-Z.”

Frankie Sandford, 20, Una Healy, 27, Mollie King, 22, Vanessa White, 19, and Rochelle have been putting the final touches to their second album in LA, and to celebrate they have bought new pooches.

Rochelle said: “I’ve had my pup for a while, but now Frankie and Una have got dogs too.”

Their single Forever Is Over is out October 5.