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[Updated] The Saturdays on the National Lottery

Fighting off the millions of viewers watching the X-Factor – yes I saw you watching – the girls hit up BBC1 and the National Lottery …

Performance of Higher (Flo introduction without the middle dance break – interesting mix)

[viddler id=7ff601c4&w=545&h=349]

Frankie and Una start the lottery draws and answer questions

[viddler id=de41c95b&w=545&h=349]

Remember that Higher (Feat. Flo Rida) hits iTunes very soon! Make sure you download this copy and give the girls their much deserved first number one single 🙂

Updated: Both Interview/Draw Starting and Performance are online 🙂

Congratulations Vanessa!

Congratulations Vanessa, who’s turned 21 today. The youngest member of the band, with Rochelle and then Frankie just ahead of her. We’d like to wish you a happy birthday – birthday on a Saturday and being in The Saturdays. Lucky girl!

Of course – as every Saturday – there’s also a little treat for our site visitors. Enjoy the latest flip below!

The Sats Launch The 2010 Poppy Appeal
[viddler id=60ff3b41&w=545&h=349]

And to get it straight with the credits (see post below!): the flips are always from their official site, whom add it to their YouTube account the next week so that’s why we never put them on ours.

Credits – something I want to say

Hi everyone!
There is a little something I want to mention.

As a lot of you know, we have a YouTube account with videos from every TV show and performance. How do we get those videos? Our admin Matt records everything from the TV. Not sure how he does it, but he puts a lot of effort and time in this.
And what we see on a few Saturdays fansites, is that people use our videos and don’t give any credit or a little thank you.
I admit, sometimes I forget to credit somebody else, if I don’t know where the original picture came from. But we are 3 very friendly people, and always apologize and change it back when we get a comment about this. And try to do our best to find the source of every picture, video and article.

Now my question is, the next time anyone of you uses a video that’s been captured by Matt or uploaded by Marit. Please just make a little note under it and mention our name.
That shows a lot of respect to the owners!

We really hope to see this in the future 🙂
If so, Thank you!!