Daily Archives: May 18, 2011

Notorious on TV plus other TV 1

Just been searching though the TV Guide for @TheSaturdays and have popped across these:

Channel 4 – Saturday 21st May – 9.20am – KoKo Pop
Smash Hits – Saturday 21st May – 9.30am – Headlines Live!
BBC1 – Saturday 21st May – 7.30pm – So You Think You Can Dance (Results Show)
MTV Hits – Saturday 29th May – 12.00pm – ‘On Set With The Saturdays’

This is in addition to the music video premiere which seems to be on various music channels tomorrow at 8.20am, plus the 30min tour showing on Smash Hits/4Music if I find anymore I’ll update this post this evening.

[Updated] Notorious Thursday, plus first performance 1

The HOT new @TheSaturdays song Notorious premieres both on radio and in video tomorrow. The girls are hitting BBC Radio 1 for the first play of their new single Notorious, plus the video premieres at 8.30am tomorrow morning.

The girls are also PERFORMING the song for the first time on Saturday’s BBC1 show So You Think You Can Dance the performance will be available to view here as soon as it ends on BBC1 on Saturday night!

Update: Notorious is set to be played on MUSIC CHANNELS tomorrow morning at 8.20am (10mins before the Internet premiere, so hopefully people can catch it now before School/Work etc.)