Daily Archives: May 21, 2011

Debut Performance: Notorious – So You Think You Can Dance 16

@TheSaturdays performed the debut TV performance of Notorious on So You Think You Can Dance this evening on BBC1, you can watch the stunning performance below:

Thanks to Marit for finding the HD copy 🙂

Notorious is OUT NOW on iTunes and other digital download sites, links over on the right, click and download, and support the girls!!

Koko Pop : Interview 4

@TheSaturdays appeared on Channel4’s Koko Pop this morning despite my TV guide (and TiVo Guide) saying “Performances from The Saturdays ..” it seems it was only an Interview, but we know they have recorded a performance for Channel4 so maybe this will air in the future …

There is a small glitch on the video, this seemingly was the broadcast as it did it on Channel4HD too ….

We are trying out vimeo as a video host for this file, and for the So You Think You Can Dance video later, the major plus for this is that you can view this video on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch, amongst others and it shouldn’t be country restricted like so many videos are these days on YouTube.

Those asking about Headlines Live! It seems despite my TV Guide on my TiVo saying it was still on, all other guides removed the showing, the Channel4 Music Channels (such as Smash Hits) chop and change their schedules an awful lot. When it does air, we will record it, so don’t panic 🙂