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TV debut performance: “All Fired Up” & “Higher” on Tonight’s The Night

Enjoy the TV debut performance of “All Fired Up” on Tonight’s The Night below, and their performance of “Higher” with a 6th Saturday member Connie Nash …

All Fired Up

Higher with Connie Nash

Huge credits to snoop for both these videos!! Tonight really IS the night! 😉 Leave me a tweet on @Marito_Dorito or a message in our chatbox if you’d like this on another video source than YouTube.

Saturdays throwback number 2: Tonight’s The Night – 25th April 2009 1

Matt will be posting all of today’s TV appearances to the site tomorrow evening, so in the mean time I’ll entertain you with another throwback! Exactly 120 weeks ago (or 840 days!), the girls also performed at this very show. Their new single actually has a word in common with it… That’s right, it’s “Up”! 🙂


Dare I say that girl has some athletic dance skills?! You wonder how good she’s now, could well be 7 members in The Saturdays by the end of the year… Because, on tonight’s Tonight’s The Night (you still with me?) they performed “Higher” along with Connie Nash, which was her dream come true. Then of course at the end of the show was their TV debut performance of “All Fired Up”, that’s all coming on the site tomorrow evening. But for now, enjoy this! 🙂

[Updated] Saturdays throwback: Hollyoaks Music Show – 17th November 2009 1

We’ll have to wait for Matt to get up whatever they did on this morning’s show, but here’s a little throwback to when they were on this show nearly 2 years – 17th November 2009.

Performance for “Forever Is Over”:


Performance for “Wordshaker”:


Slapping Rhys from Hollyoaks:


Catch the news round-up on the post below, and some more – either flashbacks or new stuff, we’ll have to wait and see! – coming up tonight. Remember you can catch them on Tonight’s The Night, channel BBC1 from 6.45pm UK time.

Update: The Hollyoaks Music Show today was a best of, so nothing new but the videos in this post.

Saturdays: News/video round-up

As I suddenly found so much news to post… Here’s a round-up of things to check out or look forward to. Firstly, as ever on the Saturday morning, check out the new flip (with new intro!) on their official site: All Fired Up At… Our Video Shoot.

Secondly, kind as our girls are, they’ve given us “All Fired Up” – The Extended Remix! Hit play on the video below and get “All Fired Up”! (I’m going to keep that word joke going for a while yet I think!)

Thirdly (are you still there?) there’s some MORE TV promo to look forward to! Check out the list below. And as ever, don’t panic if you can’t catch it, you’ll know where to find it, right? … *points at site URL*
31/08 ITV1-This Morning (Performance) @ 10.30am
04/09 BBC2-Something For The Weekend (Interview) @ 10am
05/09 ITV1-Alan Titchmarsh (Performance) @ 3pm
10/09 Ch4-Super Saturday (Performance) @ 11am and 9pm

And no, we have not forgotten… Of course we know today there are 3 TV appearances as well! Matt will not be able to get any videos up until Sunday evening because he’s off to the Townsley gig today! I will however, if I can find anything, get videos up as they come along. And if there’s nothing recent, luck of the draw has it they’ve been (involved in) those 3 TV Shows before… Can you guess where I’m going yet?!

Stay tuned to The-Saturdays.co.uk …