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‘The Way You Watch Me’ to be 4th single 7

According to music video site VideoStatic the girls next single is set to be ‘The Way You Watch Me’ which features Travie McCoy. The site says the director of the video is Taylor Cohen who previously directed the girls video for Higher.

IN PRODUCTION: The Saturdays f/ Travie McCoy – Taylor Cohen, dir.

  • artist: The Saturdays f/ Travie McCoy
  • song: “The Way You Watch Me”
  • label: Polydor
  • director(s): Taylor Cohen
  • production co: Doomsday Ent
  • producer: Danielle Hinde, Mikey Levelle
  • commissioner: Emily Tedrake

What do you think of this choice? Was it always going to be a single due to Travie? Did you want Faster like a lot of other media outlets where claiming? Or should they have just released Get Ready, Get Set and blown everyone away? Leave us your comments 🙂

It’s Me Choice Award Winner ..

@MollieTheSats unfortunately couldn’t attend the awards this evening to accept her award in person, but she did leave a lovely acceptance speech which you can watch below:

Once again, we are proud as a website to have helped contribute to allow her to achieve this award, and thanks to everyone who actually took time out to vote for her – we thank each and every one of you individually 🙂

Dyslexia Action Awards

Tonight @MollieTheSats will pick up her It’s Me Choice Award – of which we are personally very proud to have brought awareness of the award to The Saturdays fans – and of whom voted for Mollie to pick up this award as an Inspirational dyslexic to both The Saturdays fans and the wider community.

We championed her cause throughout the voting period, and thanks to you, who also voted for her, she actually picks up the awards tonight. The awards take place at a fancy London hotel, tickets for the event cost £250, this isn’t your normal event, so hopefully this will be respected by one and all.

In honour of this special occasion Dyslexia Action have set up a JustTextGiving code that allows you to support those with dyslexia by simply texting DAAD11 plus a donation of your choice to 70070.

All Fired Up Tour .. 3 days to go! 1

@thesaturdays hit the seaside town of Bournemouth in just three days now, as the All Fired Up tour kicks off at the Windsor Hall at the Bournemouth International Centre this coming Friday, and we shall be there to take in the sights of the opening night!

According to twitter this morning the girls finally see the actual stage today – leaving it a little late girls?! – and we imagine the next few days will be non-stop running through the show and getting those last minute tweaks ready for the show.

What songs are you wanting to see at the show? We already know they are performing ALL the singles – thats a good 12 songs already! Plus no doubt a selection of songs from the new album On Your Radar .. its going to be an exciting night that is for certain!!

All Fired Up Tour .. ticket availability

@TheSaturdays #AllFiredUpTour kicks off in Bournemouth in only a few days – we are all very excited to see the girls back live on stage again! But don’t panic if you aren’t going. We’ve spent a few minutes tonight looking at the ticket sites, and – in some venues – some very good tickets are still available. Sadly the tour hasn’t been heavily promoted but we can sure do our bit to fill up those arenas. So if you don’t got a ticket, have a look at some gems we’ve found!

There are still tickets available for the opening night this Friday. So if you live in and around Bournemouth pop over to Ticketmaster and buy yourself a ticket, some are only £21.45 so no excuses!

If you are in the Cardiff area, there are lots of tickets now available in Block 3, some only 10 or so rows back from the stage! Seemingly extra tickets have been made available here, so rush over to Ticketmaster and grab those before they are snapped up! 

If you live in the South and East, and missed out on decent Wembley tickets, then Brighton is your answer. Ticketmaster has close to 1000 tickets still available for the show next Tuesday, admittedly a few of these are up higher and in the corners but they are only priced at £21.45 each! Brighton Centre isn’t the o2 Arena or the Manchester ENA so you will still have a great view!

Those in the North-East up and around Newcastle might be interested to hear that Block A tickets are available for the show in Newcastle! So if you’ve not got tickets for your show in and around the Newcastle area now is a good as time as any to pop over to Ticketmaster and pick up a seat or two!

If you aren’t going and we’ve not covered your local venue we suggest you keep an eye open, as the tour dates get closer, venues often release good tickets. It’s still a great time to buy tickets to the tour event of 2011, don’t miss out!!

‘On Your Radar’ charts at .. 4

@thesaturdays brand new album, On Your Radar sadly enters the UK Album Chart this week at number 23.

As fans all we can do now, is to keep promoting the group, hopefully the forthcoming tour will keep the girls in the media throughout December. Remember over Christmas sales of albums are very high, as people buy them for presents. An album at number 30 could be selling as much as an album at number 10 across the summer. I think our next task as a group of fans is to try and keep the album inside the UK Top 40 throughout December, if its actually sitting in prominent places in stores like HMV and high up in iTunes people will keep buying. Also where possible make sure you leave positive reviews of the album, be it on iTunes, Amazon, HMV etc. A few positive reviews might get those who are 50/50 about buying it to pick up a copy. Chart placement is one thing, actual sales of the album is another. Don’t believe the false stories around in the media, they are about to embark on a pretty large Arena Tour, and if you compare them to the likes of other girl bands out there such as Wonderland and more recently Parade, who failed to go even Top 100 with their album last week, it could be a lot worse. Yes its far from ideal, we all know that, but it’s also something really not worrying about. It’s up to the groups management, and record label to get their thinking hats on and reverse the misfortune. It’s our job as fans to support the group, and that includes the bad times as well as the good!

Just ignore the haters, and the bad reviews, we are better than those people, and support the girls with their new album, and obviously their forthcoming tour that kicks off this Friday 😀

Mollie King’s ‘Rough’ Disguise

The Saturdays singer Mollie King disguises herself in public by not wearing make-up and ”looking rough”.

Mollie King goes out looking “rough” so she doesn’t get recognised.

The Saturdays singer admits she adopts “risky” tactics to go out in public unnoticed, but it is a form of disguise some of her other bandmates have also adopted.

She explained: “What I tend to do is go out looking absolutely rough and people think it can’t possibly be me. It’s a risky game though.”

Una Healy added: “I always go out without make-up on and I’ll wear a hat to cover up as much as possible – but the odd person will always catch you out.”

Mollie also admitted she was completely clueless about taking care of her appearance when she first joined the band, but was helped out by the rest of the group.

She told Now magazine: “I remember when we first went on tour, supporting Girls Aloud, I didn’t know anything about make-up.

“I’d put on a bit of concealer and Vaseline and carry a bar of soap with me in some Tupperware.

“Rochelle [Wiseman] was like, ‘What are you doing? Don’t you know about cleanse, tone and moisturise?’ ”

Source: ContactMusic

Friday Chart Update 2

Not sure I want to post this but @thesaturdays brand new album On Your Radar has dropped even further from eariler in the week. We have seen it peak at number 15 but it has now sadly dropped further to a rather lower number 20 :/

I know there is this anti-pop vibe floating around, but this really is starting to look like our girls are beginning to alienate people with this new album – for whatever reason. We hope when the tour kicks off next Friday that the girls can get down to what they are known for – doing great Live shows – and that will give the album a much needed boost.

Remember to get everyone you know to buy the album, lets hope it doesn’t slip further before Sunday’s chart is announced.