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Mollie: “I’d have loved a reading mentor”


@MollieTheSats helped @dyslexiaaction open a new centre in London this week.

The Saturdays star Mollie King told today how she had to “cheat” in school to cover up her difficulty reading.

The singer, 24, spoke candidly for the first time about her struggle with dyslexia and the embarrassment she felt when she was unable to read aloud fluently in front of fellow pupils.
She said: “When you had a go around the class, reading a few paragraphs each from a book, I would sit there dreading my turn.

“I used to have my best friend next to me, whispering the hard words to me. But once I realised what the problem was, I felt much better about the fact that I wasn’t thick.”

Today she backed the Evening Standard’s literacy campaign, saying she would have “loved” a reading mentor like those in our Get London Reading scheme. The campaign has raised £220,000 so far to fund volunteers who give one-to-one reading help to children in primary schools across the capital.

With partner charity Volunteer Reading Help, our campaign has already placed 100 volunteers in 70 schools, with another 100 ready for placement in the run-up to Christmas. King added: “I have been there, so I can really relate to it. I’ve had these difficulties and I got through them.

She added: “I used to have extra tutoring after school, so I could really have benefited from these volunteers. Just knowing there are people who want to help is inspiring.”

She spoke as she opened a new teaching centre, the Help A Capital Child Learning Room in Bloomsbury. “I want to do everything I can to raise awareness and make young people and adults realise it’s not a taboo subject,” she said. “I don’t want anyone to feel they can’t achieve their ambitions if they are dyslexic.

“When I was at school, most people were planning on going to university and becoming doctors or lawyers. I wanted to be a singer and I was laughed at. It was tough but I never let anything stop me. I would like to think that in some way I could encourage young people to achieve their goals.”

The new centre, created by charity Dyslexia Action, will provide lessons for children and adults with reading and writing difficulties.
The Wandsworth-born star went to Surbiton High School and was diagnosed dyslexic at 11 after being assessed by an educational psychologist. At school, said King, “I could read but it was – and still is – a bit of a struggle. My spelling is quite good, but reading is quite slow. I did get help from my school and was allowed to do my exams on a laptop.

“I recently presented the Radio 1 Teen Awards and had to read off an autocue. I had to make sure I knew the whole script beforehand otherwise I would have struggled.”

Source: This Is London

Rimmel London to sponsor ‘All Fired Up’ Tour

Seems the girls sponsorship of Makeup Products continues as Rimmel London is confirmed as a major sponsor of the forthcoming tour.

Chris Evans, Marketing Director for Rimmel London said ‘The Saturdays are a fun and vibrant pop group and all five girls are fabulous representatives of our colourful make-up and fashion looks. Rimmel London is really proud to be supporting them on their first major tour’

The Saturday’s added ‘We all love experimenting with make-up looks, so when we heard that Rimmel London will be sponsoring our tour we were really excited. We all have Rimmel London in our make-up bags so they seem like the perfect fit to have with us on the road’

Rimmel London will be present at all 13 concerts and in the programme and online will feature a recent shoot of the girls getting the London Look.

There will be joint competitions running as of mid November to win concert tickets, meet and greets with the band and goody bags containing all the products needed to ‘Get The Saturdays Look!’

The Saturdays will be featuring across Rimmel London’s official website and social networking sites – Facebook and Twitter. The Saturday’s official website will also include Rimmel branding during the tour season and each of the five girls will be tweeting about the tour and their fail safe beauty secrets.

Source: Cosmetic News Portal

The girls hit the Gym!

The Saturdays are preparing for their upcoming UK tour by hitting the gym.

Una Healy posted a picture of her bandmates working on their abs on Twitter today (3rd November) – but she managed to skip the routine because of her pregnancy.

After showing her followers a photo of Mollie, Rochelle and Frankie toning their abdominals, Una wrote: “Go on girls…. “Work Work” those abs!! Lol.”

And in another message, the ‘On Your Radar’ singer revealed why she wasn’t joining in with the exercise routine.

“My baby gave me an almighty kick for the first time today that it made me jump! That’s my ab workout for the day! :),” Una wrote.

Frankie has rejoined the group this week following almost two months away and revealed on her own Twitter page earlire that she’s impressed by the size of Una’s baby bump .

The Saturdays kick off their ‘All Fired Up!’ UK tour in December. Their new album ‘On Your Radar’ is released on the 21st November.

Source: CapitalFM

Welcome back Frankie!

@FrankieTheSats is back! 🙂

The Saturdays‘ Frankie Sandford was all smiles as she returned to the spotlight for the first time in almost two months yesterday (2nd November).

The ‘On Your Radar’ star, who has been recovering from an undisclosed illness, was spotted outside TV studios in London.

Wearing a trilby and sunglasses, Frankie smiled when she spotted the photographers.

Her appearance in public came just 24 hours after the rest of The Saturdays turned on London’s Oxford Street Christmas lights.

Mollie, Vanessa, Una and Rochelle performed their new single ‘My Heart Takes Over’ during the annual switch on.

The Saturdays’ new album ‘On Your Radar’ is due to be released on 21st November.

Source: CapitalFM