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Rochelle: “Marv and I are boring”

The Saturdays singer says her and JLS Marvin Humes are homebodies but not ready for babies yet

The are one of the most successful couples in British pop, but Rochelle Wiseman doesn’t think her and Marvin are interesting at all.

“I’m a bit of a home girl at heart” said the singer “It’s so funny because when people say I’m in a ‘high profile relationship’, I don’t ever see it like that. It’s just Roch and Marv at home”.

Wiseman said she understands why people are interested in her romance with the JLS singer but that they are “pretty boring”.

Rochelle also said that The Saturdays are very excited about Una Healy’s pregnancy.

“It’s good practice for us (Rochelle and Marvin) because we are not ready for that yet, but we get to give the baby back when its nappy needs changing”.

Source: Heart

Thursday Chart Update: Number 13

@thesaturdays seem to be suffering from the ‘new album out in a few days’ syndrome where people aren’t picking up the single as there is an album only a few days away. On the Thursday chart update ‘My Heart Takes Over’ sits at number 13. Unless there is a sales burst between now and Saturday it looks like ‘My Heart Takes Over’ will only be the 2nd single they’ve released that has failed to go Top 10, after Work charted at number 22.

You can still help change this, by buying the single using the links below 🙂

My Heart Takes Over – iTunes (£1.99)
My Heart Takes Over – Amazon MP3 (£1.69)
My Heart Takes Over (Radio Remixes) – Amazon MP3 – £1.99
My Heart Takes Over (Radio Remixes) – iTunes – £2.49
My Heart Takes Over – Club Remixes – Amazon MP3 – £5.34
My Heart Takes Over – Club Remixes – iTunes – £5.94