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Sport Relief 2012

@TheSaturdays have been incredibly supportive throughout the years to Sport Relief, who got in touch with us to raise awareness for this event as we are a Saturdays fansite! This year at the 25th of March Sport Relief are striving for a million people to run it from wherever is closest to you, in the UK. The idea is that you get ‘sponsors’ when running the mile to donate money into good charities such as better schooling etc. Below you can catch a video where everything is explained, and at 0:25 seconds in you can catch our girls as well!

If this has got you interested to either donate or run the mile yourself, head over to the official Sport Relief website to sign up!

Make sure to RT the tweet that went out for this post on our Twitter @TheSatsCoUk to raise awareness and get more people involved!

Favourite Music Video – Round 3

Our snap poll for @TheSaturdays favourite music video continues. The results for the third round of voting was:

1. Higher (39%)
2. Missing You (31%)
3. All Fired Up (18%)
4. My Heart Takes Over (12%)

We have taken the top 2 from all the polls and will put these up against each other in two semi-finals! The new poll is up now so get voting #TeamSats!

New Single Confirmed 1

I suggest you run over to the official site and watch the new video on the site. The video basically confirmed that the new video – shot yesterday – is for a brand new song. Seems the On Your Radar era is already over, unless of course this is part of a re-release but they are seemingly recording a lot of new material so it’s probably a new album as JLS and The Wanted who also released albums last November are already prepping new albums too, so our girls are probably doing the same!

Exciting times in the world of The Saturdays right now!

New Music Video Today!!

@TheSaturdays are shooting their BRAND NEW music video today!! Details aren’t around, but their official twitter suggests its for a ‘BRAND NEW’ song.

Una has mentioned this morning that her baby bump is being removed in post-production and via a few creative shots from the director today.

We will update as more news filters through, which it no doubt will throughout the day!

 – Mollie has mentioned that MTV are recording the video for a ‘Making The Video’ special
 – Una has been showered with gifts by Frankie
 – Twitter rumours suggest the video is being shot in a US Style diner in London
– Still no confirmation (yet) of the song.

‘The Way You Watch Me’ to be a single after all? 2

Update (23rd Feb): Seems the video is being shot tomorrow – 24th February!
Update 2 (23rd Feb): @TheSaturdays official twitter confirms a video is being recorded tomorrow, and they continue to use the ‘BRAND NEW‘ wording … exciting times ahead that is for certain!!


Seems @TheSaturdays ‘The Way You Watch Me’ might be a single after all .. they have casted people for the video today, via twitter:

Mikey Levelle at Shameless is casting a music video for THE SATURDAYS – ‘The Way you Watch Me’ Director: Taylor Cohen

Is this the next UK single? Are they using the ‘Travie Effect’ for a US buzz song? In a similar way Taio Cruz used Kylie for the UK release of ‘Higher’ but the US version featured Travie McCoy? Is all this a bit sudden either way as Una can hardly be used in the promo. Are they doing it for both markets?

Leave us your thoughts below or via twitter and facebook!


London Fashion Week 2012

It seems the girls are having their own private battle during London Fashion Week as they are all going to various shows and meeting up with whoever they can. The girls new favourite media outlet – the Daily Mail – seems to be stalking their every move with articles everywhere as they run around from show to show! Check out some of the pictures below, more will be added to our gallery