Daily Archives: March 17, 2012

’30 Days’ confirmed!

Probably the worst kept secret but @TheSaturdays have finally confirmed their new single ‘30 Days‘. The official mailer also gives the following tidbits of extra information:

The song was written and produced by the talented Steve Mac (who’s worked on our previous singles ‘Higher’, ‘Ego’ and ‘Notorious’) and co-written by Autumn Rowe (who wrote Alexis Jordan’s amazing choon, ‘Happiness’). Stay tuned for more deets on our new single coming soon, including the release date and single sleeve!!

Release date is currently rumoured to be the end of April (29th) and according to a press-release earlier in the week the music video is set to premiere in ‘a couple of weeks’. Stay tuned for the latest information! 🙂

Autumn Rowe additionally has song writing credits for recently releases such as ‘Swagger Jagger’ (Cher Lloyd) and ‘Collide’ (Leona Lewis).

All Fired Up at …. Dance Rehearsals

This weeks @TheSaturdays video sees the girls at this weeks dance rehearsals for their forthcoming shows. We see Vanessa discuss dry lips, Mollie discussing juicy apples and dancing footwear and forgetting dance routines! The girls also discuss Una and new baby Aoife plus Rochelle gets all wedding-y ….  As always you can view this video at their official website – go forth and enjoy! 🙂