Daily Archives: May 14, 2012

Debut Performance: 30 Days

We’ve had to wait a bit for this, but here is the FIRST performance of 30 Days, as performed on This Morning!

Dance girls .. dance .. please … 😉

As always you are free to use our videos on your website/blog/tumblr etc. Just please use our embed code and drop us a link back www.the-saturdays.co.uk. We cannot stop people downloading and uploading videos to all manners or websites, but if you are a visitor here and downloaded it and have that urge to upload it to youtube (or somewhere) just please put a link back to here in the description. I don’t really want to start putting tags on the videos again 🙁

30 Days is OUT NOW! Buy from iTunes and the REMIXES via iTunes remember that the EP counts was 1 SALE, if you buy the remixes INDIVIDUALLY they will count as a sale EACH so if you bought all 4 that would be 4 sales for 30 Days (although it will cost you £1.98 or so more) so do what you feel is best for you 🙂 


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