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US Rejoices as the girls return!

TeamSats US rejoice as the girls leave the UK and land back in the USA! I’ve added a few pictures from the media below, you can read the usual (boring) reporting from the Daily Mail at the source

Hopefully with the girls landing back in the US – and they are going to be there for a least another 4-5 weeks! We will hear more about the new album, how the recording is going and hopefully a bit more about the new single ‘What About Us’

News Update – 24th September 2012

Hi all, just a quick update. I know site updates have been a bit slow recently this is due to having a Uni deadline (17th), my birthday (18th), a birthday weekend over this weekend in sunny Manchester plus on top of all this I’m also preparing for my exam on 16th October *panic* but now I have no coursework left to do the updates should be more regular! 🙂

Not too much to report, the girls had their book signing last week in Birmingham, those who attended seemingly had an awesome time! The girls are heading back to the USA later this week to continue their attack on the US charts and also record their ‘new sounding’ album.

Firstly, this appeared last week, this is the girls interview with Young Hollywood!

Here’s another video of the girls talking about their attempts at breaking the USA!

Rodney Jerkins & Diane Warren to produce songs

Seems @TheSaturdays are making waves in the USA, here’s an article on Billboard! Confirms some information about the new album, US super producer Rodney Jerkins and Dionne Warren are involved. The UK release of ‘What About Us’ does feature Sean Paul where as (seemingly) the US one won’t! Billboard hints the US album could contain songs from previous UK releases.

Last week one of England’s top girl groups, The Saturdays, walked the red carpet at the MTV VMAs, performed at a Perez Hilton party, then held a performance and signing event in New York a few days later. They topped off their busy week with an acoustic set at Island Def Jam headquarters — exciting events for any artist, but particularly one that has yet to release any music in America. Now the popular pop quintet have set their sights on the U.S. and spilled all the details about their plans to Billboard at afternoon tea (though no one ordered tea).

“We were so afraid. We didn’t want to leave England,” explains member Frankie Sanford. “Nowadays, luckily, [English] people are a lot more open to their favorite acts going to America. It used to be a little bit like, ‘They’re leaving us! They’re going to the U.S. and they’re never coming back!’ People seem a little more accepting of that now.”

“We feel like the time is now for pop music coming from the U.K. and Ireland,” says Una Healy, the group member who just gave birth to a daughter six months ago. “But there’s never been a girl band coming from there since The Spice Girls. It’s time for us.”

And if recent British breakout stars like Adele, One Direction, The Wanted, Ellie Goulding, and Cher Lloyd, who have thrived on the charts in both territories, are any indication it very well may be their time.

The Saturdays have inked a deal with Island Def Jam and Mercury Records for a U.S. album led by a still undecided single coming in January 2013. Until then, the girls will release their newest single “What About Us” (performed at both their U.S. gigs last week as it may be their debut track) in the U.K. with a version that will feature pop-reggae royalty Sean Paul.

The girls have already had loads of successful singles back home —eleven Top 10 hits so far. The disc is set to feature production from Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and songwriting from Diane Warren. As the girls shout almost all together, “We’re not messing around!”

“We’ve been together a long time now, five years. We’re just starting fresh here. That’s what its about,” adds Healy. “We’ve always wanted to come out here and go to different territories. We really feel ready now.”

Adds Mollie King, the group’s Baby Spice (with her blonde hair), “We’ve done three tours actually [in the U.K.]. Once we did an arena tour we thought, ‘Right. We’re cemented here at home. Let’s try to conquer the world starting off with America!'” (“Just starting off small!” Sandford adds with a laugh).

To help introduce America to The Saturdays, the girls are looking into reality show options. “We were meeting with networks and pitching ideas that this was a big journey for us, we want it to be documented,” says the newlywed Rochelle Humes, who married another pop British bandmember, Marvin Humes, of JLS. “At the minute, we’re here just to record an album and shoot the music video for the single. We haven’t agreed to anything just yet, but it’s an idea that will probably happen.” Adds Healy, “It’s definitely in the cards.”

So what should fans expect sonically from the album? The answer is tricky given their range of sounds with past singles from the new wave, 80s-inspired “If This Is Love,” rock-pop angst on “Forever Is Over,” electronic ballad “Missing,” “You,” and the showering synths on “All Fired Up.” (Some past material may end up on the American album too.)

“I kind of feel like that’s why we’re pop music and that’s why its fun to be pop because we can try different genres,” says the group’s tiny powerhouse vocalist Vanessa White. “We’re all so different anyway and have such different tastes in music so when we do a different genre of song it feels at least natural.”

Another natural quality for the act is their friendship. “We feel like we’re the type of girl band where we love The Spice Girls, we love the Pussycat Dolls,” continues White. “But what we really want to get out to the fans is that we all really get on and its all about friendship. We want people to be our friends…we’re not going to steal your boyfriends!” Adds Humes with her hot chocolate, “We’re not those girls!”

Source: Billboard Magazine

Happy Birthday to me!

Yay! *parties* today is my birthday, where I am 21 yet again! *cough* So Happy Birthday me!!

Today also sees the girls doing their calendar signing in an HMV in Birmingham, sadly they will be a member down. Mollie kindly decided to come to my birthday party instead of going to the signing 😉 – no no I kid! She’s not feeling too well so isn’t travelling to Birmingham, so get well soon Mollie! 🙂

News Pieces – 17th September 2012

Firstly sorry for the lack of updates recently, juggling the site, University work and life can get a bit taxing at times and as you can probably understand the website comes last in that list of three so has suffered a bit recently, but here’s an update to say everything is good and well!

Tomorrow see’s my birthday .. so all gifts, cards, presents are accepted and trying to steal the limelight from that 😉 our girls are in Birmingham – on the rare occasion that I’m seemingly not there – signing copies of their new calendar! So if you are in the area make sure you pop along and mention that it’s my birthday – they should know who I am 😉 … then again …

The girls are back in the UK for a bit, catching up with friends and family, then they head back over to the US to continue to get their name out there. Still no real news when we will hear the single properly, and if we are going to have to wait until November (or so) until it appears in the UK (thinking of a early January release here ..)

Those who applied to help the site with US news, I’ve not forgotten, contact should be made at some point this week! Just been very very busy recently.

I’ll update the site soon with the latest bits and pieces, and expecting a few presents tomorrow! 😉

The girls hit New York Fashion Week

Seems our girls know a few people and managed to bag themselves some front row seats for New York Fashion Week yesterday!

They’ve already made their red carpet debut at the MTV Video Music Awards, performed at an exclusive after-party and begun filming their new reality show for the E! Network during their month in the US.

But The Saturdays have now truly cemented themselves among the Stateside style elite by putting in an appearance at New York Fashion Week.

The five-piece girlband – made up of Mollie King, Frankie Sandford, Rochelle Humes, Una Healy and Vanessa White – looked every inch the fashionistas as they soaked up the sights of the catwalk yesterday (Wednesday).

Having the honour of sitting front row at the Milly by Michelle Smith spring/summer 2013 show, the girls each conveyed their individual style in a collection of super-cute looks.

Mollie, 25, opted for a monochrome leopardprint mini-skirt, which she paired with a black lace detail top, and accentuated her shapely legs with tan pointed heels.


The Saturdays reveal their US Plans

British band The Saturdays have revealed their plans to take over America.

But there’s one thing they aren’t about to do in their quest for success. – and that’s go on a diet. In fact the bemused quintet say that they ‘don’t know what size zero is.’

The chart-topping band are media sensations in Britain, where newspapers follow their every move

In the U.S. they are yet to find fame. But they hope that is about to change.

The glamorous five, consisting of Una Healy, Mollie King, Frankie Sandford, Vanessa White and Rochelle Humes,have been surprised by just how intense the focus on looks is in America.

‘I don’t really know what size zero is,’ says blonde Mollie. ‘Is it when they look like they’ll snap? That’s really not attractive!’

Frankie admits there are some differences in cultures.

‘Everywhere you go, people are body conscious… I’m body conscious. Everyone in LA works out all the time and I don’t, I love to eat!’

While Vanessa reveals: ‘Me and Frankie said we’d go to the gym here every morning, but we haven’t been once! I’m not a morning person.

‘As a band, we don’t motivate each other… I’d never say “Get down the gym, Frankie!” If you want to eat a bagel, eat a bagel!’

Mollie adds: ‘I admire Blake Lively’s body, she’s got a healthy, curvy body, and quite athletic looking.’

And Rochelle added: ‘The biggest difference in LA is how well groomed everyone is,’ she said. ‘I’m from Essex and I’m used to seeing well groomed girls, and I love a blow dry myself. But its so much more here in America, men and women.’

The Saturdays have been spotted attending the same Pilates classes as American pop sensation Miley Cyrus who has recently shown off a new, more toned figure.

‘I’ve never done Pilates,’ admits Mollie, ‘But we’ve all seen the recent photos of Miley, and she’s got really toned and lean and looks so healthy right now. Frankie does Pilates all the time and can get her legs up behind her neck, probably!’


Styled To Rock

‘Styled to Rock’ is a show produced by Rihanna. The winners are set to design an outfit for the International Superstar. Our girls appeared on this weeks show where the designers had to design an outfit for the girls 2013 calendar – for the month of June. You can catch the video below

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