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‘What About Us’ Music Video – Premieres Friday

The US version (e.g. without Sean Paul) of the ‘What About Us’ music video is set to premiere this Friday (11th January) at 8am (UK Time) The girls official site have posted this gif from the music video to tease everyone …

What About Us - Music Video

What About Us – Music Video

What About Us Musc Video

What About Us Musc Video


The Saturdays have also been chosen to be the first artists of 2013 for the VEVO Lift series! I assume the premiere forms part of this. More will be revealed from this friday at http://www.vevo.com/lift

Source: Official Site


The Saturdays hit recording studio ..(With Demi?)

The girls hit the recording studio with big-time producer Rodney Jerkins yesterday, Mollie even Instagramed a few pictures!

Exciting times, Frankie even hinting that this recording is for the second single, as she tweeted:

“Seriously sats aren’t messing around in 2013! Next single….”

Update: Reports are coming in that Demi Lovato was also in the studio at the same time. From what I can gather so far reports suggest that she was ‘laying down vocals with The Saturdays’ does that mean she’s co-written a song for the girls, or was she mearly just in the same recording studio complex recording songs for her own project? Let the rumours intensify!

It’s all very exciting, isn’t it? Also for the US fans it gets more exciting, the girls appear on YOUR TV tonight! The girls are on E! News at 11.30pm ET/PT which for those in the UK would mean it should air tomorrow. E! News airs at 8am, 9am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 11pm so plenty of chances in the UK to view it. We’ll have it on the site tomorrow for those without E! or those living outside the US and UK.

Sources Mollie Twitter & Frankie Twitter