Daily Archives: January 25, 2013

Jeff Probst Show

The whirl-wind continues as today @TheSaturdays appeared on the Jeff Probst Show. They also gave another performance of the new single ‘What About Us’ out now on iTunes (US/Canada) but this time with a twist, with Una on guitar doing the song aucostically.

I was going to embed the links from the official site but for some reason embedding isn’t allowed. I’m about to run off to my girlfriends for the weekend so I don’t have time to post up our own videos for this show right now, but you can catch all the videos of the girls on the show on the Jeff Probst Website or no doubt if you rummage around youtube.

If I don’t get to update this weekend, then have a great weekend TeamSats! But I have my iPad with me and rest assured any major news will be added here 🙂