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Big Top 40

Today – not too unsurprising with the girls surge on iTunes today – ‘What About Us’ was named at number one on the BigTop40. Obviously we are still a long way off them being crowed Number One on the official chart, but this is a good start!

The road is still very long, the official charts aren’t announced until NEXT Sunday and sales for this chart count until 11.59pm THIS SATURDAY so we need to keep buying, the song, and KEEP PROMOTING the girls to everyone we know to make sure the girls STAY at number 1 on iTunes for as long as possible. Please scroll down to the Sunday Brunch videos below to download What About Us from iTunes, Amazon MP3 (and the remixes) EVERY SALE COUNTS!

Sunday Bunch – 17th March 2013

Today @TheSaturdays appeared on Sunday Brunch to promote their new single ‘What About Us’ which is already NUMBER ONE on iTunes, so please head over and buy a copy (see the post below for all the details), if you want chart updates thoughout the week keep an eye on our twitter account @TheSatsCoUk. Also if you have bought the What About Us – EP on iTunes make sure you find another £1.99 and pick up the remixes too (every sale helps!) then pop over to Amazon MP3 and download the song for just 89p (We need it higher on Amazon, it’s currently number 41 ..)

We missed the opening of the show, sorry! Hopefully we can get it off the TiVo at some point. Also the start of the main interview is missing (a little technical glitch) but we’ve done the best we can. This show is difficult to edit as its pretty fragmented. As always the videos are in HD, as normal if you want to use these videos on your site/blog/tumblr etc. Please use the many variety of embed codes and everything on Vimeo. Plus please link back to us at www.the-saturdays.co.uk 🙂

Here are some videos from today’s show:

Mollie & Frankie Cook

Vanessa becomes a baconologist

Main Interview

Una does some Irish Dancing & tries some Irish drinks

Rochelle and Una cook pudding.