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The girls hit Alton Towers

You might remember all those many months ago when we announced that Frankie was to become a Mind Ambassador and alongside this a competition was created to spend the day with Frankie at Alton Towers? Well today was that day and a lucky few managed to spend the day with Frankie, Mollie and Vanessa at Alton Towers.

We do hope that the Mind Charity have got what they wanted from this day which was a key exposure for the charity and the good work they do for those suffering from mental illnesses such as depression which obviously our Frankie was treated for 🙂

Disco Love

“Take us back to 1999, DJ playing Hit me baby one more time…”

No, no, relax its not a song from the 90s from Steps or S Club, its the NEW SINGLE from The Saturdays. It was confirmed yesterday (after rumours) that the new single is called ‘Disco Love’ and the girls shot the music video in London yesterday, there are a few pictures of the shoot below.

Not much else is known about the song just of yet, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to hear it 🙂



[Updated] Vanessa & Mollie to host Fashion Shows, MTV’s Hottest 2013

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Vanessa is also at another fashion show on the same day! Vanessa will also appear at the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester at 3pm. This in addition to being at the Queensgate Shopping Centre, Peterborough at 11am. This is in addition to Mollie being at the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham all day. The full press release can be found below by clicking Read More below 🙂

Hey all! Hope Thursday is treating you all well. We start with the MTV Hottest (we are being beaten by Little Mix here!) – MTV are doing their MTV Hottest, and its really simple and easy to vote, as its based of Twitter! You simply tweet #MTVHottest The Saturdays and a vote is counted. You can add this to EVERY tweet you do, or tweet it with your favourite Saturdays lyric. You decide, but I know some of you tweet (a lot) so if you add the hashtag and The Saturdays to end end of the tweet you will vote for the girls! We are currently low down at Number 34 .. seriously … there is a LIVE leaderboard on the MTV site which is being dominated by One Direction (hardly surprising) but we can get higher than 34 surely? So simply start tweeting, add the hashtag or just click here and VOTE VOTE VOTE 🙂 This runs until August 18th so we need to keep on voting for a while!

Secondly as you are aware the girls are filming their new music video today, so hopefully new music is close, although we all know the Gentleman music video was filmed months and months before it aired so we shall see …

Thirdly it seems Vanessa and Mollie are doing their own fashion type events – at the same weekend!. Vanessa will kick off a weekend of style at Peterborough’s shopping centre by hosting the show on Saturday 28 September at 11am. At the same time Mollie will be at the Bullring in Birmingham as part of the AW13 event hosting various shows on the 28th September. So if you are local to Peterborough or Birmingham make sure you pop down and see the girls talk fashion!


Mollie attends AQ/AQ Fashion Launch

Seems our Mollie is getting more daring by the day! Posting bikini clad pictures of herself on the beach doesn’t seem to be enough as Mollie attended the AQ/AQ Fashion Launch last night in London, showing off even more skin! I’ve added a few pictures from the media below!

What do you think of Mollie and her more daring outfits recently! Give us a tweet @TheSatsCoUk or via our Facebook Page and discuss Mollie’s fashion!

National Lottery Anniversary Run



Hey all! As its still a tad quiet inbetween Mollie posting bikini pictures and Frankie’s baby shower, I’d thought I’d update you all on a little run me and Rosie did yesterday.

We both took part in the National Lottery Anniversary Run, which was the first official event to take place inside the London 2012 Olympic Stadium since the end of the Olympics last year. The run was 5 miles (8Km) around the London 2012 Olympic Site, finishing inside the Stadium in front of 20,000 odd people (and Little Mix!)

We both decided to run for two charities, one that you all know well – Dyslexia Action – and the Dyspraxia Association. On Saturday before the race, Mollie’s Mum, Sue, donated to our race, which was very kind and lovely of her, we thank her again on the site for her generosity.

We both completed the race in just under 1Hour 14mins. Which meant we ran each mile in just under 15mins – in the heat in central London – which although we both admit isn’t a staggering pace – this wasn’t a race about setting personal bests – although this is for both of us as its our first 5mile race – it was about raising money and awareness for charity! Hopefully we can both get an entry for the 2014 race and aim to finish under one hour.

To date we have raised £193! You can still donate online via JustGiving – if you can spare a couple of pounds, of even £1 we will be very grateful. You can donate no-matter where you live or what your currency is!

Ben and Una on Mr & Mrs

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of updates recently, not only is it a tad quiet as the girls are on holiday (again) but I’ve also had a Uni deadline to meet for today so been busy doing that, but that part is now submitted so on with the news …

Ben and Una appeared on the ITV1 game show Mr & Mrs the other weekend (you probably know the result!) but as there has been demand for this, I’ve uploaded their appearance on the show below, please enjoy 🙂

Remember if you are missing the girls, they are playing Bluewater, Kent in a matter of weeks, tickets are still available to go grab yourself some!

Party at the Pier

Heads Up! The Saturdays are performing another summer show. Alongside their two own concerts in Kent and Yorkshire the girls are also hitting Merseyside for the JuiceFM Party at the Pier.

The girls are the headline act of the event that takes place at Pier Head, Liverpool on Sunday 25th August! The girls are performing alongsideLucy Spraggan, Texas and Nina Nesbitt. Tickets only cost £5 and are available here

Source: JuiceFM

Mollie the author and head down to Bluewater!

We start today with more on THAT interview that Mollie has done with Hello Magazine, from the Interview we also learn that Mollie is going to write a book for teenagers … apparently its in the early stages but she is sure it is going to happen.

I’m sure we are all happy that Mollie is doing something else, but should fans start to get worried? Mollie writing books, Una doing more TV presenting, Rochelle and Frankie gave it a go on Sweat The Small Stuff, it’s like the girls are branching out .. I’m sure its nothing but it gives you something to think about whilst the girls are on holiday!

I’ve mentioned it before, and I will mention it again! The girls are playing a few headlining shows next month, the first in Kent in just a months time! The girls are playing the Glow, which is a venue next door to the huge Bluewater Shopping Centre, and the venue is so awesome that even those in the seats in Block G at the rear of the venue are ONLY 50m from the stage – how awesome is that? So seriously head over to ticketmaster and nab yourself a ticket! Be one of only 2,700 fans to catch the girls in a rare headlining show this year!

I mean we are going too, so you might even bump into us down there – now if that’s not a reason to come (If The Saturdays weren’t a big enough draw anyway!) then surely its time to grab a ticket before they all go! 😉