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Mollie hosts The Show: TEN at the Bullring

This one we attended! It was an awesome day out had by all, Mollie did a great job hosting and everyone loved the performance!

It’s been a month of celebrations at Bullring with the iconic centre along with a number of shops, including Selfridges, celebrating their 10th anniversary in the city.

On  4th September Bullring turned ten and revealed an exciting month of activity and installations including the bull’s tenth outfit and a chocolate model of the We Are So City model created by Cadbury World. Also unveiled was the TENder Moments installation on St Martin’s Walk where customers could attach their birthday messages for Bullring onto a padlock.

It was also announced that girl band The Saturdays would be performing at the centre’s birthday finale following The Show: Ten presented by Mollie King. On Saturday evening thousands of shoppers packed into Bullring to catch a glimpse of the band as they performed a four song set before being surprised by a sprinkling of glitter and confetti as the performance came to a close.

Tim Walley, General Manager at Bullring, commented: “It’s been a fantastic month of celebrations, which have seen the residents of Birmingham really get into the celebratory spirit whether it be to add a padlock to the TENder Moments installation or wish us a happy birthday on Twitter.

“The Show: Ten and the performance by The Saturdays this weekend was a great way to end our month of celebrations especially as our final surprise in the form of a glitter and confetti explosion was revealed.”

Vanessa hosts The Show: Festival of Colour at Highcross

On Saturday our very own Vanessa took charge of The Show: Festival of Colour, at the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester!

As part of the centre’s fifth birthday celebrations, the fabulous fashion extravaganza attracted thousands of shoppers, all hoping to get a glimpse of Vanessa, as well as see this season’s hottest trends.

Bringing glamour to the centre, Vanessa was dressed to impress, wearing the ‘Brightwell’ black bodycon midi dress with mesh neckline from Reiss. Kicking off the event, Vanessa was on hand to introduce the show as well as welcome Leicester’s fashion fans at the centre.

Vanessa’s appearance at Highcross was part of the centre’s Autumn Fashion Fix, which saw fashion shows taking place throughout the weekend. On top of this, many of the retailers were offering amazing discounts and offers to Highcross’ shoppers.

Nicola Short, marketing manager at Highcross, comments: “We can’t believe how many people showed up to see Vanessa, Highcross was absolutely packed. The Autumn Fashion Fix weekend is the culmination of a wonderful month for Highcross; we really have celebrated our fifth birthday in style.

Vanessa hosts The Show: Autumn Fashion Fix at Queensgate

Queensgate welcomed pop star royalty Vanessa White from The Saturdays through its doors today, as she hosted The Show, part of the centre’s Autumn Fashion Fix.
The fabulous fashion extravaganza attracted thousands of shoppers into the centre, all hoping to get a glimpse of Vanessa, as well as see this season’s hottest catwalk looks.
Bringing glamour to the centre, Vanessa was dressed to impress and on trend, wearing French Connection. Vanessa introduced the show, welcoming Peterborough’s fashion fans to the centre. The catwalk show kicked off with an array of bold, beautiful coats, moving through eight stunning scenes, showcasing key looks for autumn/winter 2013 from retailers such as John Lewis and Primark.
Vanessa’s appearance at Queensgate is part of the centre’s Autumn Fashion Fix, which sees fashion shows taking place throughout this weekend. On top of this, many of the retailers are offering amazing discounts and offers to the centre’s shoppers.
Sam Eastwood, centre director at Queensgate, comments: “We can’t believe how many people showed up to see Vanessa, Queensgate was absolutely packed. For those still wishing to get their fashion fix, we have three more shows taking place tomorrow, where they can see all of the must have fashion for the coming months, as well as all of the offers from many of the stores in Queensgate.”


Tomorrow our very own Mollie will be hosting FIVE fashion shows at Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre as part of the centres 10th anniversary celebration. As part of the finale the rest of the girls will be joining Mollie on stage after 7pm for a special performance!

We are in attendance at the 7pm show thanks to the generosity of the bullring, and we will be tweeting all day from the event! If you are also attending, please tweet us, and tweet events using the #BullringTEN hashtag. We will love to see you down there joining in with the fun at the shopping centre!

If you are going down and don’t have tickets for any of Mollie’s shows (11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm & 7pm) we advise you to read up on what is happening on the Bullring website.

They are very clear on what you should, and shouldn’t expect from the event. What is clear that if you don’t have tickets for the 7pm show – which includes a performance – you are not allowed to ‘queue’ for the event until AFTER the 5pm show has ended. It also says that the shopping centre have the right to close of areas if there are too many people around. It’s also good to mention that it makes it very clear that meeting Mollie or the girls isn’t something to expect and that any gifts you have for the girls should be left at the Bullring Management Office who will pass them on.

The key thing here to remember is that the bullring is a shopping centre, and this is an event taking place at at shopping centre, this isn’t a concert arena, so should be respected as one.

I know many people are going down with potentially the first task is to meet Mollie and the rest of the girls and everything else is secondary, but I don’t think the bullring site could be any clearer regarding this, so if you are travelling a long distance and don’t meet the girls, you can’t say you haven’t been forewarned!

Not to forget Vanessa is also hosting a fashion show, she will be around an hour away (on a train) at the HighCross Shopping Centre in Leicester. So make sure you pop down there and give Vanessa your support too. Sadly we can’t attend this one now due to travelling arrangements and having to be seated for the 7pm show prior to the start, but if you are going please tweet us and we will RT you 🙂

Love Come Down – Premiere

The guys over at CapitalFM have premiered one of the new b-sides to the forthcoming single ‘Disco Love’

‘Love Come Down’ is a cover of the Evelyn King song, originally released in 1982, the song was a Top 10 hit in the UK, and a Top 20 single in the US. You can get this song by pre-ordering ‘Disco Love’ which is released on 6th October. Links are all to the right of this post, so get pre-ordering!

What do you think?

Living For The Weekend – Preview


Seems the youtube preview has been removed, again, but if you click on the iTunes link (see the links to the right of this post) you can preview each song from iTunes and obviously make sure you buy the album too!!

After what it seems was a bit of a false start, you can now ‘preview’ the new album Living For The Weekend:

Each song has (around) a 1min preview, so give it a listen and tell us what you think! Remember to pre-order the album from iTunes – links to the right, the standard album is only £6.99!! What’s your excuse?!

Disco Love on Stepping Out

Here it is, the moment you’ve (and I’ve) been waiting for, its the first performance of Disco Love, on the ITV1 show Stepping Out.


As always tell us what you thought of it via twitter @TheSatsCoUk, please also refrain from downloading this and reuploading it to your own accounts, there are plenty of video links and methods to use, and it’s even on our own YouTube account for you to watch it there! (Sorry Youtube have blocked it, and its a worldwide block!) If you do embed the video please link back to us

Want that new iPhone 5C/S, why not meet the girls too?

Although not mentioned in the press-release, so ‘coincidentally’ on the same day the new Apple iPhone 5S and 5C is released, Una, Vanessa and Rochelle are at a phone shop! So if you are off tomorrow, or are really wanting that iPhone you can pop down to Phones 4u in Oxford Street (399/405), London and meet the girls for a photo opportunity at 9.30am. From the press-release:

The glamorous girls of pop will be making Friday the new Saturday by upgrading people’s day and giving customers a completely new and exclusive smartphone shopping experience, for one day only. If you want to upgrade your Friday and capture The Saturdays stars in store, as well as have the chance to get your hands on some exclusive free gifts, join us at the Phones 4u Oxford Street store for 9:00 on Friday 20th September 2013.

Not sure you can get a FREE iPhone from it, but hey its worth asking isn’t it? 😉

*Please note that any reference to the iPhone was added by me, (sadly) we aren’t being paid to mention it. Other smartphones are available.

More appearances, in London, Mollie is at London Fashion Weekend, where she will be alongside her new partners-in-crime Maybelline. Mollie is down there tomorrow and Saturday where she will be sharing her beauty tips, and you can pick up a ‘signed’ version of her new lipstick. I will be going down there (apparently!) on Saturday morning, so if any of you are also going down, please say hi. We won’t be around for long as I have additional birthday plans! I’ve added some pictures below.