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The Alan Titchmarsh Show – 16th October 1

Today the girls appeared on The Alan Titchmarsh Show, which included an Interview, some Roller Skating and of course a performance of Disco Love, you can catch these below. Remember the girls new album, Living For The Weekend, is OUT NOW! Pick up a copy from iTunes (or your local music store!) now!

Performance: Disco Love




Roller Skating

Living For The Weekend – Chart Update

As what might come to a shock to you, as much it did to us (based on iTunes recently) the NEW ALBUM from The Saturdays has been placed at¬†number six by the official Radio 1 Chart Update!! Disco Love sadly is set to drop out the Top 10, the midweek has it at Number 12 ūüôĀ

This is pretty amazing, although the album is placed twice on the iTunes chart (As of this post the Deluxe album was number 20, and the standard at 53) the girls must have sold/are selling a lot of physical albums. So lets get the album moving UP in the right direction on iTunes too!

Standard Release ‚Äď ¬£6.99

1. What About Us (feat. Sean Paul)
2. Disco Love
3. Gentlemen
4. Leave A Light On
5. Not Giving Up
6. Lease My Love
7. 30 Days
8. Anywhere With You
9. Problem With Love
10. You Don’t Have The Right
11. Don’t Let Me Dance Alone
12. Somebody Else’s Life

Deluxe¬†Release ‚Äď ¬£9.99
All the tracks above, plus:

13. Wildfire
14. What About Us (Album Version)
15. What About Us (Buzz Junkies Radio Edit ft Sean Paul)
16. Gentleman (The Alias Radio Edit)
17. Disco Love (Wideboys Radio Edit)
18. Not Giving Up (JRMX WeLovePop Radio Edit)
19. What About Us (Music Video)
20. Gentleman (Music Video)
21. Disco Love (Music Video)