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Today’s the day

Unless you have been living under a rock recently, you will be aware that today is the day of The Saturdays 17th Music Video shoot.

No news or any details on what is happening (as of 10am) but we are all (probably) expecting the video to be for ‘Not Giving Up’ but we are all up for a shock aren’t we?

I’m sure something, somewhere will leak – this is the Internet after all.

Mollie in Cosmopolitan

Our very own Mollie is the cover girl of the March edition of Cosmopolitan.


With London Fashion Week almost upon us who better to grace our March cover than bonafide style muse Mollie King. Signed to Next Models, a FROW regular, with a second drop of her Loved By Mollie collection on it’s way next month (get a sneak peak of it on the video here), Molls is definitely having her moment.

The Saturdays star tells Cosmo: “I studied fashion at A level and it’s something I love learning about. I’ve always had a strong opinion on clothes. I know straight away if I like something or not and how it could work… [Victoria Beckham is] an absolute legend. I saw her at a fashion event and I really wanted to ‘fangirl’ her and get a picture but I was too scared. If I’m on the front row of a show and someone like her walks in, I get so excited and can’t stop staring. I think, ‘Oh my god, I need to remember this feeling because I won’t be doing this forever.’ One day when I’m a granny, I want to remember how cool it is!”

In the full interview in our March issue Mollie talks about her hang-ups and dressing for her shape saying: “I don’t have a Kim Kardashian bum unfortunately, and I don’t have massive boobs either. You have to work with the bits you’re most proud of, so if I’m going out I always think, ‘Right, Molls, your legs are better than your cleavage, so go work those.’ I’m not that curvy, so I like to wear things that give me more shape than I’ve got. Everyone has their body hang-ups; I think, ‘Oh, I could tone that,’ or, ‘I wish I could change that.’ But as much as you can tone bits or add bits, you’re born with your body.”

Currently loved up with American record producer Jordan Omley, Mollie reflects on past relationships and even has it nailed when it comes to being friends with an ex like the model one David Gandy. “It’s really hard when it’s fresh; you can’t go from being in love to friends overnight. I’ve always had to take time apart after a break-up. When they’re with somebody new and you’re single that really hurts, but it’s easier when you move on. Recently there were some pictures of me and David sat next to one another at the same tennis match and the pictures could not have been more unfortunate. It looked like we hated each other, but we do actually get on.”

Now she’s totally loved-up and doing the long-distance thang with Jordan she’s happier than ever. “It sounds glamorous and showbiz, but it can be tough at times because you want to come home to one another and snuggle on the couch. He’s different from guys I’ve been out with before. I’m really happy; he’s definitely ticking all the boxes. He looks after me… I can be quite high-maintenance as a girlfriend. But I’ve learnt to be more laid-back in relationships.”

The Spring / Summer 14 Loved By Mollie edit will be available from March in selected Oasis stores and from The Saturdays new single Not Giving Up is out in March.

The March 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan is on sale 30th January.

Una on Splash!

This evening our very own Una Foden appeared on Tom Daley’s ITV show Splash! Where celebrities dive off those stupidly high diving boards you might see down your local swimming pool!

Here’s Una’s dive from the show. I know the video is a bit stuttering at the start, we’ve had a bit of a bad weather down here in South London and it’s playing a bit with my Freeview HD signal, the show is repeated on ITV tomorrow morning so hopefully i can fix it then 🙂

You can also catch the video on our YouTube Channel

Next single: Not Giving Up

In next months Cosmopolitan Magazine there is a feature with our very own Mollie. The magazine hits the shelves next week (I believe). But the main talking point is at the end of the article it says:

‘The Saturdays new single Not Giving Up is out in March.’

I’ll stick my head out and say the mailer tomorrow will confirm this, the girls has the fitting for the video yesterday, it is scheduled to be shot next week.

Ok .. so the mailer said nothing. The flip hints the next single is ‘Leave A Light On’ … but Cosmo have PRINTED at the next single is ‘Not Giving Up’ surely they’ve not told a magazine (and therefore a bit of promo) one thing and doing something totally else … but then again this is The Saturdays. We will know more next week.

Next Single Incoming

Maybe that rumoured March date wasn’t far off.

The main story is that this evening it was confirmed that the girls had the fitting for the shoot for their next single, it was later confirmed that the video is being shot next week – so we should know sooner rather than later what is actually being released. Most people are expecting ‘Not Giving Up’ to be the next single lifted from Living For The Weekend, mainly due to it (probably) being one of the stronger songs on the album, plus its been ‘album only’ for an age on iTunes to stop people potentially buying it before it’s actual release.

Obviously all this could mean nothing and something else is being released, but we shall know more in the coming week on what is actually happening.

Rochelle hits the NTAs

Last night Rochelle and Marvin hit London’s o2 Arena (no sadly not for a concert) but for the National Television Awards.

I believe she was there for This Morning rather than Sweat The Small Stuff, confusing I know, well I am at least!

Here are a few pictures of the couple on the Red Carpet!

Una in Women’s Fitness

Happy Thursday! 🙂

Our own Una Foden is the cover girl on Women’s Fitness magazine (out now!) to talk about getting her post-baby body back again, via the Daily Mail:

Una, who is married to rugby star Ben Foden, told the magazine:I’m aware I’m getting a bit older and after having a baby I have to work harder.

‘My abs were the hardest part to tone after pregnancy. My tummy felt like jelly for a while and it’s much more difficult to tone than it used to be.’

However, she added: ‘How you look is the last thing on your mind when you have a baby.’

Una shared her exercise and diet tips with Women’s Fitness.

She said she believes people should not cut out any food groups and that they should keep a food diary as a way of tracking what they are actually eating.

She also recommends filling up on as much fruit and vegetables as possible.

She also explained that when she exercises she is careful to ensure she always warns up and cools down properly so as to avoid damaging her muscles.

She suggests that people wanting a flat stomach try a 20 minute interval session of cardio activity, combined with press-ups, squats and lunges.

Una credits her healthy diet and her sporty childhood for her enviable figure.

She said: I used to swim competitively as a kid. I spent most of my childhood in the water and I also took up athletics at school.’

She added:I love golf and I still walk quite a lot. I’m also into home exercise DVDs.

‘At the moment I love Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred as it’s really intense. It’s perfect for me because, as a mum, it’s difficult for me to get to the gym all the time.

‘Dancing and performing keeps me fit. I don’t have a personal trainer at the moment, but if I was working towards a goal then I’d get one – not just to help me get fit, but to stop me running out of breath when I’m on stage!’

Una also works hard to ensure her diet is healthy.

She told Women’s Fitness:‘I start my day with a probiotic drink as it’s fabulous for digestion. Then I’ll have a banana if I’m on the go, followed by granola with yoghurt.’

For lunch she says she has something light like a chicken and noodle soup with a bread roll.

As for dinner, she said:‘I try to have dinner by 6pm and it’s usually something like roast chicken or baked salmon or cod with broccoli and potatoes. Broccoli is my favourite veg as it’s high in iron.’

Una says she snacks on fruit and vegetables – such as carrots and cucumber – throughout the day.