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Hey all, hope you are all well. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been a bit bogged down with work, plus it’s all gone a little quiet since the music video premiere, but seemingly a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff is going on.

Firstly I’ll start with a debate that occurred over the weekend, regarding the tour. Apparently the tour has been loaded into the computer systems, so expect an announcement shortly, but rumours are rife that it’s a Theatre Tour due to take place in September, but others are saying that’s a load of rubbish, so rather to wade head first into the debate, lets not just wait and see? Just remember not all theatres are small, the girls stage for the All Fired Up Tour was recently used at the Hammersmith Apollo for The Big Reunion concert, but alas not all theatres are built alike!

Una on twitter yesterday was mentioned by one of the producers with the production team the Tracklacers (Promise Me, Wish I Didn’t Know) and today Rochelle has talked about ‘Studio Times’ so maybe a new album – or the expected Greatest Hits Package – is in early production stages.

The music video for ‘Not Giving Up’ has been on youtube for a week now, and has over 700,000 views to date, not a bad start! Now if 10% of those people buy the single …

Not Giving Up – Music Video Premiere! 2

Get your light sabres at the ready, or some florescent light tubes from the Work Tour ready, and enjoy the brand new music video from The Saturdays, this is Not Giving Up!!

Tell us what you thought! @TheSatsCoUk – What’s everyones take on the single mix of the song?

You can Pre-Order this amazing new song from iTunes NOW! See the links below:

Not Giving Up (Single) -99p
Not Giving Up – EP. Includes the new b-side ‘Bigger’ plus an exclusive pre-order bonus! – £1.99
Exclusive Singled CD Single – £2.99 

Mollie for Maybelline

Yesterday it was confirmed that Mollie was again attending London Fashion Weekend (20-23rd Feburary) alongside Maybelline, but this time it’s not for a range of lipsticks, it’s for Foundation, the Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation, which is available in stores with a retail price of £8.99.

There are no confirmed details on what day(s) Mollie is at LFW, or what she is actually doing there yet. As soon as something is confirmed we will update you all, as you are aware I did attend the last one in the autumn, and it call it exciting would be incorrect, it’s not very large, and full of clothes you still can’t afford despite the discounts! But if you are a true fashion connoisseur it’s probably a great day out – I got lost after about 5mins if I’m being honest!

As you have probably noticed, we’ve given the site a minor refresh to celebrate the release of Not Giving Up in April! 😀

It’s also a big day for me today too as on a personal level, its the date of my second anniversary with my girlfriend Rosie. 🙂

Not Giving Up Pre-Order NOW!


Update 2: The single is back up for pre-ordering now.

Update: I assume all this went live too quickly on the Universal Store and seemingly it has now been removed from the store. All the information below (and the CD Cover above) was found on the Official Universal Music Store at the link below. I assume everything will be back once the official announcement takes place, which hopefully will be sooner rather than later now that we all know!

Wow this is an amazing birthday present, on our 6th birthday, The Saturdays are releasing their new single ‘Not Giving Up’ The single is due out on Monday 7th April which suggests the digital release will be on the Sunday 6th April. Includes the new b-side ‘Bigger’, and a single mix of the single:

01 Not Giving Up (Radio Mix) 3:19

02 Bigger 2:50

03 Not Giving Up (Karaoke Version) 3:19

04 Leave A Light On (The Collective Radio Edit) 3:57

You can pre-order the SIGNED copy NOW from the girls official store!! SO get ordering!!

Tour also incoming

As Ben Foden took to twitter this evening, Una didn’t want to feel left out! Nothing really groundbreaking was tweeted, apart from a question was asked – unsurprisingly – about the tour, to which Una replied that the tour is set to be announced when the next single ‘Not Giving Up’ is given a bit more official release date.

Nothing, again, too surprising here, but seemingly this would confirm that the shoot for this week was promotional pictures for the forthcoming tour, and dates are set to be announced as-and-when the single gets a more official release date.

We shall keep everyone updated.

So what is happening?

Last night the girls official twitter, tweeted this:

Although it wasn’t a very early night for some as about 25mins later, both Mollie and Rochelle tweeted about their evenings.

Speculation is rife that it’s tour related, is that realistic? I understand why people say it’s for the tour, but we’ve been waiting for the ‘soon’ tour dates for months and months now and they’ve only just got around to planning a photo shoot for it?

Or is it just a bit of overhype for what is the single related photo shoot? Or an album re-release photo shoot?

Answers on a postcard please, or via twitter.

In-Style pre-BAFTA Party

Last night Mollie and Vanessa attended the In-Style pre-BAFTA party in a rather wet and windy London.

Not sure I can add more than that, I sadly don’t think the girls got on the mics and gave an acoustic performance of Not Giving Up. Although talking music, Una tweeted yesterday she was laying down some vocals, so it seems the famous Saturdays b-side is in full swing 🙂

Vanessa’s alcohol dependance.


Good Monday Morning! Hope you all had a good weekend, I was up the Emirates Stadium yesterday catching the Arsenal game, so I start today with Vanessa’s chat with The Sun’s fabulous magazine:

Vanessa White has revealed that she battled with a drinking problem that threatened to destroy her and her band The Saturdays.

Speaking to Sunday’s Fabulous magazine, the 24-year-old confessed that her dependence on alcohol left her depressed.

She revealed: “My life started to spin out of control in 2010 and it was a dreadful year.

“I’d be out every night. I went to G.A.Y., mainly because I didn’t want to be hassled by men and just wanted to drink.

“I drank vodka mainly but, to be honest, I drank anything. It massively affected the band and I felt lonely and depressed.”

Her drinking got so bad that it also threatened to ruin her career due to the effect it was having on her vocals.

She continued: “I didn’t know who I was underneath everything I was supposed to be. I’d arrive for work every morning hungover, then my voice started to go.

“I’d have to ask Una to cover my solos.”

In 2011 her problem reached crisis point and it was band mate Rochelle Humes who finally came to her rescue.

She said: “One night, I called Rochelle in a state.

“She told me to come to hers and I stayed with her for two weeks, not drinking, and eating properly. It made me realise I had to stop.”

I admit I didn’t grab the paper yesterday and The Sun is sadly a website that sits behind a paywall, so if you bought it and are willing to scan it for us to share with everyone then please e-mail them over to us 🙂