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Get Ready, Get Set

Hey all! It’s Thursday, and we aren’t much closer to hearing about a tour, or the full promo schedule for Not Giving Up.

Latest from NGU, is that the song will still not be playlisted by Radio 1 next week, they did add Neon Jungle, so those who like a good conspiracy theory can go crazy. In all fairness its not stopped 5SOS heading to number one this week – they’ve had no support from Radio 1 either!

The girls are set to appear on Sunday Brunch (yay?!) on April 6th, although they aren’t down as a performer … so as of now we have confirmed TV of Lorraine on the 4th and Sunday Brunch on the 6th. The TV guides are moving up into Wednesday of the release week now, and nothing else (yet) has been confirmed.

The official (Cahill) remix video for Not Giving Up has premiered, you can catch that below!

Last night Vanessa attended an event to celebrate 25years of the Magnum Ice Cream! Sounds delicious, there is a couple of pictures of Vanessa below.

TheSatsCoUk-270314-01 TheSatsCoUk-270314-02

Marie Curie, Vote Mollie, Not Giving Up reduced

Firstly we start off with the news that our girls have got behind this years Marie Curie’s Daffodil Appeal! As you know the girls are long-term supporters of this great cause! You can catch this years appeal video below:


Magazine Revel is asking people to vote for their favourite blonde (amongst others) and Mollie is in the list, so you know what to do TeamSats! 

As you know Not Giving Up is out in under two weeks, and it seems the single mix has had a bit of a price-reduction on iTunes. You can now grab the single mix of the single for just 59p (It was 99p originally) so now its an even better bargain! So make sure you grab a copy, I mean it’s only 59p!

Vanessa envy, Mollie parties and more!

Hey all! It’s Monday and Not Giving Up is released in under 2 weeks, but a little more on that later.

Firstly we start with Vanessa, and how she felt envious about other members of the group!

Vanessa White admits she used to be jealous of the other Saturdays.

The singer, who was just 17 when the group got signed, struggled with her self-esteem when she started to gain a bit of weight in the band’s early days.

‘People nicknamed me “the Fat Saturday”,’ says Vanessa, 24.

‘We’d be driving round the country all the time doing promo and were always eating McDonald’s.

‘I went from being a tiny size 6, doing dance classes and gymnastics at school, to eating junk food.

‘I was never huge – the biggest I got was a size 10 – but, because I’m only 5ft 1in, I looked bigger.

‘Being labelled “fat” just made me even more shy.’

Vanessa felt even worse when she compared herself to her bandmates.

‘I envied the other girls so much,’ she tells Fabulous Magazine.

‘I’d see how confident Rochelle [Humes] was, and the way Frankie [Sandford], Una [Healy] and Mollie [King] could eat anything and stay super thin.

‘I used to look at them and think they were so sorted – particularly Rochelle and Una. They were always so sure of themselves.

‘It’s just taken me that little bit longer.’

Via Now Magazine

Next up, Mollie was out and about in London town on Saturday night, not much else to say but I’ve added a few pictures of Mollie at the end of this article for your viewing pleasure.

Now to move onto the new single, Not Giving Up, unless you have been hiding under a rock the last few weeks you will know that it’s out in under 2 weeks now. You will also now that the song is (still) the only single to date that Radio 1 haven’t play listed. Which in itself isn’t too bad, I mean songs have done well without the support of Radio 1, but it does mean we are all going to have to work that little bit more.

As the week goes on we should get information about TV and Radio airplay, although (sadly) I’m not expecting much.
It might also worry some people that Little Mix (with the Sport Relief Charity Single) wobbled around the lower end of iTunes all week last week, and Pixie Lott did tons of promo and only just managed a Top 10. Traditional Pop is (seemingly) taking a bit of a hit right now sadly.

Promo details are still very sparse,  we do know the girls are on Lorraine, on Friday 4th April, the TV guide doesn’t mention performance, it just says the girls are there to chat about Not Giving Up, and maybe more exciting to some, the tour. More TV should appear soon, or hopefully an announcement will be soon. As soon as we hear anything else we will tweet it out!
As for the tour, I do expect a tour announcement soon (hopefully before the 4th, I assume April 4th might be the on-sale date, or maybe on the Saturday 5th), I also expect to be taking place in September/October (as I’ve also mentioned in the past). Theatres/Arenas/Combination, honestly have no idea. I know September doesn’t sit well with a lot of people due to University, and it’s a busy month for a lot of TeamSats members who will be starting Uni, but lets see and wait for confirmation!

Hopefully all will become clearer over the next 12 or so days. But it seems, a bit like the other ‘fan single’, Work, this is going to be a tough one (but I do hope I’m wrong!!)

On Set With …

Thanks to everyone who pointed this out to me, my TiVo claimed it was a repeat of 30 Days but alas it’s something a bit newer.

MTV are showing ‘On Set With … The Saturdays’ and its actually for Not Giving Up, which is a nice bonus. I’ve blown the dust off my DVD Recorder and amazingly it still works, so I’ve managed to record it for everyone! So enjoy the behind the scenes of the girls new music video ‘Not Giving Up’ 🙂


Remember ‘Not Giving Up’ is released in two weeks, you can preorder the singles from iTunes now – links on the left – or grab the signed CD too! If you are unsure (and no idea why) you can also preview the whole release, including the new b-side ‘Bigger’ – as well, just click the play button under the buying links on the right!

Bigger – Premiere

We’ve had to wait a little longer, but here is the b-side to the brand new single, Not Giving Up, released 6th April!

The premiere has come via a Daily Mail article about the girls recording for the potential 5th album.

Vanessa Very VIP!

On Wednesday our lovely Vanessa attended The Very VIP party on Wednesday evening. Not much information about it (that I can find) but obviously some sort of get together for various celebs and the like! I’ve added a few pictures of Vanessa below.

The Saturdays new single ‘Not Giving Up’ is released in just over 2 weeks – 6th April – you can pre-order the single now (links to the right of this post!)


TheSatsCoUk-200314-01 TheSatsCoUk-200314-02
TheSatsCoUk-200314-03 TheSatsCoUk-200314-04

Mollie King fashion designer

Hey all, hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sun – if you lived in the south of England at least!

I would love to be posting a tour update, or a promo update, or even the Bigger premiere which didn’t happen last week, but alas this isn’t a Not Giving Up news post, it’s about Mollie’s aspirations to become a fashion designer.

Mollie King has fast become a front  row regular and attendee at some of fashion’s hottest parties – she was even unveiled as the first ever ambassador for Oasis.

Better yet, the star landed herself a modelling contract where she joined a roster of talent including Alexa Chung, Rita Ora, Lana Del Rey and Suki Waterhouse.

The 26-year-old singer has clearly enjoyed her foray into the fashion world revealing that she has hopes of designing her own range one day.

Speaking to MailOnline, the Maybelline Better Skin foundation ambassador said: ‘I love doing the modelling I’m really  enjoying it and learning lots from working with different photographers.

‘However my priorities for this year are with the band and with Oasis as I have another collection coming out with them in April.’

Mollie’s ‘Loved By Mollie’ AW13 collection for Oasis – a 45-piece capsule range handpicked by the  well-dressed singer – went on to become one of their best-selling of all time – and fashion fans will be pleased to hear that The Saturday’s star is considering turning her hand to designing.

‘I would like to design, yes. Hopefully in the future.

‘I’ve learnt so much from doing the campaign it’s been a really nice introduction  for me because you don’t realise how much there is to learn so I’m  really pleased I’ve done it this way round first and then would like to  do into designing at some point,’ she told us.

For now, however, Mollie is focusing on her duties as ambassador for Maybelline and, naturally, she’s a big fan of the brand.

‘Being part of a band I worry about foundation clogging my skin and I know with Better Skin that it’s good for the appearance of my skin day-by-day and is non-clogging whilst giving a dewy finish.’

Mollie maintains that her beauty regime is pretty minimal – she uses L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection 15 Second Cleansing Oil twice a day and some Carita products on her skin.

Speaking about her closeness to her fellow Saturdays band members, Mollie said: ‘We love to have girly chats about make-up and hair and we love to do things like watch an award ceremony and then discuss people’s make-up and hair.’

Despite spending a lot of time stateside and holding up fort on the front row, Mollie hasn’t caught the juicing bug like her fellow celebrity friends.

‘I take daily multivitamins but that’s it really,’ she said of her health regime.

‘I’m not a big fan of juices and I’ve never done a juice diet because I really like munching on my food and so don’t really like the consistency of soups or smoothies. I would rather actually eat the fruit.’