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News Round up – 30th April 2014

Happy Hump Day!

I will start by mentioning Mollie’s Birthday Book again, if you want to help out with that all the information can be found here but the main cause for me and the site is the huge generosity that TeamSats have already done in raising money for Dyslexia Action. We are currently at £337, and would love to start May off by reaching £350!! It’s only £13 away, so if you can please reach into your new pay and donate a pound – seriously every little helps. We spoke to the charity just over a week ago and they are so supportive and are amazed by the support so far, so if you can help please do so! 100% of the money raised goes to the Charity, every last penny, so please donate 🙂 All the information you need to donate is on the official JustGiving Page!

In other news, Frankie went to the gym (I know right!) and the Daily Mail got rather excited over her Parker iPhone case (see pictures below!) The Daily Mail also like Mollie’s hat plus Rochelle’s recent attire at Sweat.


Please Mr Postman, Summer Anthem


It’s Friday all! A great day, a working week is done, and its time to relax at the weekend.

We start today that The Saturdays have a song on the Postman Pat Movie Soundtrack, yes seriously. The girls version of ‘Please Mr Postman’ which they performed on an ITV The Carpenters special 4 years ago (yes it was that long ago!) is the first track on the album. The OST is due to be released on 19th May!

In more summer news, our girls have teamed up with First Choice to find the ultimate summer anthem. You can add your own choices here. The country’s favourite summer anthems will form a ‘poolside playlist’ to be played at First Choice Holiday Villages in Europe and north Africa throughout the summer, and the top 40 tracks will be free to listen to online on music streaming service Spotify. The girls explain it all below:


Also, if you ever wanted to be a member of The Saturdays, or just a popstar in General, Una answers all your questions below:

Plus talking questions, those questions that the girls are NEVER asked, are now all answered: (Hi Hannah!) 😉

Mollie also did an interview for a new book by the Nth Degree, we have that article and will be posting it on the site later today 🙂

Tuesday Blues

Hi all, hope you are all well.

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last few weeks, as you know I work at a school and it’s been Easter Half-Term. For those who don’t follow us on Twitter, you probably won’t know that I’ve been to a Backstreet Boys and Justin Timberlake concert, as well as meeting up with friends and having a bit of a break.

Sadly I return and not much has happened, Mollie and Vanessa are seemingly on (a month) holiday in the USA. Not Giving Up dropped to number 42 on it’s second week on the charts.

The tour is obviously on sale now (site will be updated with all the tour information in the next 24 hours or so, so keep an eye out for that!)

The site was 6 years old a couple of weeks ago, which is amazing, again a huge thanks to The Saturdays team, for everything, and this cheeky tweet:

I will go though all the e-mails, and messages today, I have a few hundred to sort out, if anything important has happened I will create an update accordingly and tell everyone.

I will also re-edit the MTV Special (below) it’s way out of sync, which is annoying, as it took an age and a half to edit it initially, so I will get that updated, along with all the video pages over the next few days as well.

As per the mailer that went out this weekend, we are expecting a new single alongside further news on the Greatest Hits release in the coming month (or so), but until then it might be another one of those boring times as we all await the tour.

Not Giving Up enters at …

Not the greatest chart position, we can all agree on that, but the single did it’s job, it created awareness for the forthcoming Greatest Hits album and tour.

Not Giving Up enters the UK Chart at number 19 this week. It gives the girls their 14th UK Top 20 single. Still to date only Work has failed to enter the Top 20 (22). Not Giving Up officially entered the Irish charts at number 26.

I know it can sound disappointing, but I think we all knew the main reason for the release was to announce the tour. We now know that the ‘Living For The Weekend’ era is well and truly over, which is sad as the time of the album release the girls made it clear that it has been a two year labour of love to get it released.

Living For The Weekend generated five singles (yes five, really) including the girls first UK Number One (What About Us) but also had 2 singles that failed to go Top 10 (Gentleman, Not Giving Up), a Top 5 (Disco Love) and a Top 10 (30 Days).

Anyway little to get downhearted about, onwards and upwards to the forthcoming Greatest Hits release and whatever that brings us!