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Confirmed: No new music this year

Those holding out for new music, you are going to have to wait a while. According to Mollie in an article in today’s Irish Independent, everyone is doing their own things in 2015 – which we knew anyway – and there will be no new music from the girls until at least 2016 …

Mollie is quoted as saying (The Saturdays will…) “be recording another album after Christmas so we are doing our own things this year.”

Una has said much the same to fans today in Ireland too.

Full Interview with Mollie, including talking about Alfie (of course!) is on the Irish Independent site

What is going on?

Hi all, we awake from our slumber, to bring you news … alas not musically. Plus a brief chat of what is going on around here too!

I’m probably gonna miss some stuff here, but the general news updates over the last few weeks have basically been:

Frankie has opened up about her awful morning sickness she’s had during her second pregnancy, admitting ‘They wanted me to go to hospital at one point and I refused because there was no way I could get in a car, I couldn’t even get off the floor.’ – Poor girl 🙁

Rochelle has admitted that she doesn’t mind sharing her marriage secrets on TV! Rochelle is also involved in Comic Relief which is on TV this evening on BBC1 from 7.00pm

Mollie has been out and about with and without David (Gandy) and been making noises about being in a recording studio. Vanessa has also been recording and getting insanely fit down the gym! Una has obviously just given birth but is prepping for the live shows on The Voice of Ireland!

As for the future of this site, our immediate plan is that we aren’t going anywhere. The issue for me is that news is at the least uninspiring. I’m sure many of you do care about Rochelle’s Very Range and Mollie’s upcoming Oasis range, but from a site perspective the news isn’t the most awe inspiring and is something we can potentially report via social media – which we are doing, so please follow us on Twitter @TheSatsCoUk or search for The Saturdays Fansite on Facebook.

The site’s birthday is only 3 weeks away, which is amazing, and yet again I extended my thanks to everyone, new and old, for supporting us for so many years!

Rochelle’s Birthday Book and Fundraiser & Benuna’s card

Whilst on the subject of fundraisers and fans being busy, the lovely team behind Rochelle’s birthday book are hard at work doing Rochelle’s birthday book with Uni etc at the same time. As it’s March it’s Rochelle’s birthday month so now is the time to get sending things in and donating. The charity of choice is The JLS Foundation and more info can be found here about the charity


Group Card


The lovely Clairey is also  getting creative and making Ben and Una a card in celebration of their son Tadhg she will be giving it to Una when she sees her at The Voice later this month , Una loves things like this and all messages will be appreciated E-mail: or contact her on twitter @claireyelectric

Get Involved!



Mollie helps raise £150,000 for The BHF (fundraiser update)

On 10 Feb 2015, a host of famous faces hit the red carpet for The BHF Roll out the Red Ball. Hosted by the lovely Mollie King which raised over £150,000 for the charity- amazing!!

Mollie said: “I’m honoured to be hosting the Roll out the Red Ball in aid of the British Heart Foundation. It is such a fantastic charity which is very close to my heart. My grandfather sadly died of heart disease.

“The BHF has already made vital discoveries in the prevention and treatment of heart and circulatory conditions but there is still so much work to be done.

“Guests attending the ball will be raising funds which will go directly into life saving heart research.”

Here’s a video of Mollie talking about her grandparents and why it’s such a good charity close to her heart.

More info about the ball can be found on The BHF Website

With all of that said why not dig deep and donate £1 to Mollie’s fundraiser and feel like you’ve done a good deed every £1 makes a difference for a charity so close to Mollie’s heart and Rosie’s (for more info about why speak to her directly). Mollie appreciates her books and fundraisers so much so know that everything you donate will be appreciated. or Text MKBF87 (amount) to 70070

to take part in her birthday book all details are here

twitter: @molliekingbday

Get involved let’s make a difference!!