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The news according to us …

TheSatsCoUk-230415-06 Hi all,
Again sorry for the lack of updates recently, to recap on everything will probably take me months so I’m going to recap (very briefly) here, if I missed anything then I’m sorry but normal service resumes from this day forward!

In our absence (not too surprisingly) the future of the group hasn’t been confirmed, but noises are being made:

Una has spoken about how she can’t wait to release her solo music.  “I’ve always been a singer songwriter and I have been doing a good bit of writing lately,” she said.
The TV star is working on her own “country pop” songs that will be distinctively different from the dance tunes of The Saturdays. “I have always wanted to do my own original music, that’s the dream. My own style would probably be more country pop, sort of acoustic, a bit different to The Saturdays,”

The same article makes (another) reference that any group music won’t be happening until at least 2016.

Mollie, despite a whole bunch of rumours, has spoken to the metro saying that she has NO plans to go solo, but is concentrating on Fashion! The article also again confirms it will be 2016 before we get any more group music.
‘Next year we will be going into the studio so watch this space,’ she teased. Adding: ‘We each love having our own separate projects on the side of the band – at the moment my focus is fashion.’

We all know that Rochelle is currently presenting Ninja Warror UK among other things but Vanessa has spoken out saying she wouldn’t mind dipping her toes into presenting too! 

I know I’ve missed a ton of stuff, but rather than playing total catchup, I will start fresh from this point. Expect a gallery update in the near future, along with various other tweaks to the site now that we’ve moved to our new hosting and a seemingly quieter year ahead!

Mollie is the face of Magnum …

… yes seriously!

Mollie is involved in the promotion of the new Pink & Black Magnums, just in time for this warm weather in the UK (and the snow forecast for next week …!)

Mollie King embraced her girly side by donning a playful pink dress to attend the Magnum Pink & Black launch party at The Institute Of Contemporary Art in London on Wednesday night.

The star, who is dating male model David Gandy, might look like she doesn’t need to watch her weight, but admits she gets insecure about her body just like everyone else.

While Mollie isn’t a massive fan of exercising, she says she ups her workout regime as soon as Spring arrives.

‘I have a moment like anyone else when the sun comes out and you think you have to be in a bikini in a couple of weeks’, Mollie told MailOnline in an exclusive interview.

‘I think I’d better get down the gym and so some squats and some sit-ups.

‘I need a trainer to get me focused as normally I am on my own, and instead of working out, I’m just sitting there on my phone rather than doing any exercise.’