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Frankie: ‘Music isn’t my priority anymore.’

Frankie_Bridge_2649692aFrankie’s long awaited interview with Fabulous magazine is out today in The Sun newspaper, or you can read the entire thing online here.

The article is interesting, discussing the issues with her pregnancy and no she’s not had a boob job for those wondering.

There are also key questions asked about the group, and sadly for those of us expecting a reunion anytime soon should start packing our bags and move onto either Una/Mollie/Vanessa’s solo careers’ as Frankie says she has no plans for music for a while.

Frankie plans to spend this year figuring out what she wants to do next. She recently made a film on internet trolling for Victoria Derbyshire on BBC2, which has given her a taste for “doing something that has a real meaning.”

What’s definitely not on the cards any time soon is a Saturdays reunion. While all the girls remain great friends, each is happy doing her own thing, and Frankie says there are no plans to get back together.

“We haven’t split up, but we are having a break,” she says. “I will always miss performing, but I’ve been doing it since I was 12. It’s quite nice to get invited to something and be able to say: ‘Yeah, I’ll come!’ I’m so used to never knowing until the last minute because when you’re in a band, your schedule is not your own.

“So it’s really nice to have this freedom, but I do sometimes feel a bit lost. Like: ‘Oh, I’ve got nothing to do today. Let’s go to the farm again!’

“As a band, we’ve always been really understanding of each other, and I just think whatever happens will happen naturally.”

What’s quite telling, though, is the fact that Frankie clearly sees her future away from music. She speaks at length about how a career in the industry simply isn’t compatible with family life, which surely means it’s curtains for The Saturdays.

“You have to dedicate so much time to music, and that’s just not my priority now I’ve got children. I want to work – it’s part of who I am – but I also want to be able to pick my kids up from school and watch them on sports day. I always wanted to be successful, but I never wanted to be a successful person without a family.

“If you’d have asked me five or six years ago, I’d be like: ‘Yes, I want to try a solo career.’ But now I’ve been at it for so long and I feel like I’ve achieved what I want to.”

Vanessa gets Nostalgic


Last night the latest song from Vanessa premiered on Apple’s Radio Station Beats1. Nostalgia is the third song that Vanessa has released and an accompanying music vide will be released today.

At the same time Vanessa is releasing an EP, the Chapter One EP is available to pre-order on iTunes now which contains all the singles released up to now and a final 4th song, Lipstick Kisses. The EP is expected to be released on 19th February making Vanessa the first member to release an Extended Play officially.

Happy New Year – Una goes solo!

It’s 2016 everyone, so a Happy New Year! What does 2016 mean .. The Saturdays Reunion? Don’t count on it …

Una has been speaking to the Irish Mirror and has confirmed that she plans to bring out a solo record in 2016, so alongside Mollie and Vanessa (whom is dropping a 3rd single this week) so we are as distant as ever from a group reunion (sorry!)

Una’s music is seemingly going to be acoustic guitar driven with country influences, so probably as far away from The Saturdays as you can get, and we expect it to do pretty well in Ireland where she can get a lot of helping promotion from The Voice. Una says the usual about The Saturdays reunion:

“We are doing our own thing and allowing ourselves that time to explore different things. We have been together for quite a while so we can afford to take the time out now. We’ll come back together when we feel the time is right.”

As a lot of fans, including ourselves, have noticed that we’ve gone from ‘Yes we will reunite’ to a more ‘when the time is right’ sort of situation which seems to be the official buzz coming from the girls on the whole. I would imagine until someone goes solo at full speed we won’t get the full story, which means we probably won’t get more until the Island label decide that its time for Mollie to go solo, as she’s still the only member with a major contract deal right now.

Remember we still plan to update the site, but it will probably become a weekly fixture until someone actually decides to go full tilt at the solo career musically. Obviously it goes without saying that Rochelle is back on our TV screens on Warror Ninja UK which restarted on ITV1 last weekend. Frankie is also on the Strictly tour which starts very soon as well!