Happy Birthday Frankie!!


Happy Birthday Frankie!

Today is the lovely Frankie Sandford’s 25th birthday – that makes me feel old as I’ve been reporting on Frankie since those S Club Junior days!

Everyone here at The Saturdays Fansite wishes Frankie a wonderful birthday, and hope that she has a great day with friends, family and of course Parker!

Have a great day Frankie!

Happy Birthday Una!

Firstly a huge happy birthday to the lovely Una! From everyone here at the Saturdays Fansite, and our lovely visitors! We hope you have an awesome day 🙂

Secondly good news for everyone outside the UK & Ireland, The Saturdays have confirmed that the new album is being released globally!

‘Living For The Weekend’ Album will be released on October 14th everywhere except:

October 11 – New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa.
October 16 – Japan
October 18 – Australia
October 22 – US and Canada

Pre-order ‘Living For The Weekend’ (Deluxe Edition) on iTunes:
Pre-order ‘Living For The Weekend’ (Standard Edition) on iTunes:


’Disco Love’ single – OUT NOW everywhere except:
October 14 – France
October 18 – Australia
October 22 – US and Canada

Download Disco Love on iTunes:
Download the ‘Disco Love’ Remixes EP on iTunes:

Great news for the International Team Sats, make sure you get your orders (or pre-orders) in NOW!!

Happy Birthday Mollie!!

Happy Birthday to the fun-loving Britney fanatic of the group, Mollie King! Today is is Mollie’s 26th birthday and everyone here at The Saturdays Fansite is wishing her a wonderful birthday and hope that she gets spoilt rotten by the rest of the girls, her friends and family!

Hopefully Mollie’s Birthday Book will be with her soon, it was sent directly to the girls management yesterday, so they would have received it today! So hopefully they will pass it onto her soon so she can read all your wonderful birthday messages!

Have a great day Mollie!!

Happy Birthday Una!! 1

Picture from Mollie’s Instagram

*singing voice* Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuu *coughs*

No, I won’t put you all though my awful singing voice but today is Una’s birthday!! Like me a few months ago she is actually 21 again today 😉

Huge happy birthday to Una from everyone here at The Saturdays Fansite, have a wonderful day 🙂

News Update – 24th September 2012

Hi all, just a quick update. I know site updates have been a bit slow recently this is due to having a Uni deadline (17th), my birthday (18th), a birthday weekend over this weekend in sunny Manchester plus on top of all this I’m also preparing for my exam on 16th October *panic* but now I have no coursework left to do the updates should be more regular! 🙂

Not too much to report, the girls had their book signing last week in Birmingham, those who attended seemingly had an awesome time! The girls are heading back to the USA later this week to continue their attack on the US charts and also record their ‘new sounding’ album.

Firstly, this appeared last week, this is the girls interview with Young Hollywood!

Here’s another video of the girls talking about their attempts at breaking the USA!