The Saturdays on Tour!

Since the start of their careers the girls have been touring the length of the UK. The girls have had three headline tours of their own, The Work Tour (2009), The Headlines Tour (2011), the All Fired Up Arena Tour (2011) and their own Greatest Hits Tour (2014).
As well as their own headlining tours the girls are a festival favourite and have played numerous festivals across the UK Summer.
We have detailed all these tours below, including tour setlists, and reviews from all our visitors. You can click below to read details about all the tours.
If you wish to submit a tour review for ANY show that you have attended please fill in the form at the bottom of this page, or e-mail us your review to [email protected] – you can also send in your pictures or videos to the same address as we would love to share them with everyone else who visits the website 🙂

The Work Tour 2009 Headlines Tour 2011
The Work Tour (2009) The Headlines Tour (2011)
 All Fired Up Arena Tour 2011  TheSatsGHLive
All Fired Up Arena Tour (2011)  Greatest Hits Tour (2014)
Tangled Up Tour 2008 Summer Shows 2009
Tangled Up Tour 2008
(Supporting Girls Aloud)
Summer Shows 2009
Summer Shows 2010 Summer Shows 2011
Summer Shows 2010 Summer Shows 2011


25 thoughts on “The Saturdays on Tour!”

  1. mollie shute:

    im going to see the saturdays on the 7th of december with my friends we would like to no if there is anyone surrporting them ?

    get back soon thanks.x

    We will have the tour section updated by then and hopefully we will have the information.

    1. The girls were auditioned by Polydor/Fascination Records and were put in the band. They hit it off very well and have been good friends since. Frankie and Rochelle, on the other hand, were in a band previous to this one called S Club 8. They did it when they were about pre-teens, so they knew each other since childhood, essentially. Does that answer it for you? 🙂

  2. Can you please update the tours because I would like to know when the most recent tour is, as I have ‘googled’ it and It has nothing thats camr up please answer soon thank you.

  3. OMG. IM GOING TO SEE THEM IN FEBRUARY. THEY ARE AMAZING. im seeing them at the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend with my sister & we would both like to know who will be their special guests? 🙂

  4. Will The Saturdays ever come tour in America? It would be a dream come true if they did! I want to see Frankie!

  5. What time will the Saturdays be on stage during in the new tour? I going to Newcastle arena and wondering time they start.

  6. i love u so much i have every thing of you from mugs to posters on my wall you are grate i love you i have seen you twice and i am coming to see you again in december xxx love you for ever and ever i have evin wrote tou a letter on your fan adress xxx love u xxxxxx i have met frankie and rochelle but still waiting on a reply to see i can get tickets to see you.

  7. i cant wait to see you in december ,,,, i bought tickets for me and my friend and i suprised her with them her face was a picture ,,, your music gets me through the tough school weeks and exams soooo thank-you i love you all <3 xxxxx

  8. I went to see them at wembly stadium wow! That was my first ever concert and I loved it I’m planing to see u guys (2012) just searching still?

    1. It was only made available via the Fan Boxset with the On Your Radar album release. You might still be able to purchase it on the official Universal Music store 🙂

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