Headlines Tour Review – Colston Hall, Bristol – 22nd February 2011

With Girls Aloud on an extended hiatus, The Saturdays are now the biggest girl band in the UK, and a five-piece who can put on a first-rate show.

A show with all the requisite parts – costume changes, key changes and steps – and also some great pop songs. Their songs may not be as universally known as Girls Aloud’s oeuvre, but Ego and Issues to name but two certainly give Girls Aloud’s best work a run for their money.

Before The Saturdays, we had two support acts. First Twenty Twenty, three young lads bizarrely named after a form of limited overs cricket, sounding very much like McFly, and almost causing a stampede at their signing at the end of the night.

The other support act was SixD. Yes, there were six of them, although what the ‘d’ stands for remains a mystery. They were a cross between the Black Eyed Peas and N-Dubz, with dance moves worthy of Britain’s Got Talent’s Flawless or Diversity.

Before The Saturdays appeared on stage, they did a special version of Duck Sauce’s Barbara Streisand over the PA, substituting in the names of lucky audience members.

Then the girls themselves were introduced by name on the big screen, the screen parted, and there they were in the flesh for Higher, in very sparkly dresses and showing every inch of leg.

This was a slick show. One moment the girls were sat cross-legged on a bench, next they were holding bunches of balloons for Just Can’t Get Enough.

Mollie dedicated the tender Here Standing to her grandparents in the audience, and there was a middle section of Rhianna numbers including Love the Way You Lie.

They finished in black leather dresses with three of their best songs, Forever Is Over, Missing You and Ego. Girls Aloud can continue their hiatus, The Saturdays are top of the girl band pop tree now.



Source: This Is Bristol

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