Single Performances

Catch almost every television performance from The Saturdays. We have their first ever TV performance of If This Is Love from the Nokia Green Room in 2008 right up to the latest single performances, many in high definition, from the TV shows of today. If you are a new fan catching up on classic performances or a long standing fan just catching up on your favourite performance from the past we have them all!

If This Is Love Up
If This Is Love Up
Issues Just Can't Get Enough
Issues Just Can’t Get Enough
Work Forever Is Over
Work Forever Is Over
Ego Missing You
Higher Notorious
All Fired Up My Heart Takes Over 
30 Days  What About Us - Performances
30 Days  What About Us
Gentleman - Performances  Gentleman - Performances
Gentleman  Disco Love
Not Giving Up - Performances
Not Giving Up  What Are You Waiting For?
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