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Francesca “Frankie” Sandford (born 14 January 1989) is an English singer and member of girl group The Saturdays. She was previously a member in the band S Club 8 and appeared with them in children’s television programme I Dream before they disbanded.

Frankie was born in Upminster, London, United Kingdom to Kevin and Julie Sandford, and has a sister, Victoria.She attended her local primary school, and after hours she went to dance school; she later went to stage school inRomford.Frankie previously worked in a bar and had a Saturday job as a salesperson in AllSaints concession in House of Fraser, London.Frankie has a tattoo to pay a tribute to her grandmother;  Sunshine ‘n’ Showers.

Before The Saturdays, Frankie was a member of the pop group S Club Juniors, formed in 2001 through a reality television show, known as S Club Search. The auditions were aired on CBBC. S Club Juniors’ appearances was considered a success and consequently 19 Entertainment, the management company that had created S Club 7 and auditioned S Club Juniors, decided they should perform as a support act at all of the venues on the tour. The band released their first single “One Step Closer” where it charted at number two in the UK, selling roughly 52,000 copies in its first week. “Automatic High” was released as the second single from the band’s first studio album, where it also debuted at number two.  A third single was released from the album, “New Direction” where, again charted at number two in the UK.The Juniors released their debut album Together on 21 October reaching number five in its first week of sale and selling 40,000 copies.Fourth single, “Puppy Love/Sleigh Ride”, was released on 9 December 2002.

In early 2003, the Juniors began working on their second studio album, Sundown, and Polydor Records wanted a complete change after high expectations for their debut album; a format with Simon Fuller wanted a massive improvement and there were even plans to remove members after negative reviews. But the band released the lead single from the album “Fool No More”, where the single debuted at number four. The second single released, the album title track, also reached number 4 in the UK.A third and final single was released, “Don’t Tell Me You’re Sorry”, which charted at number 11.

The group split in early 2004, but they still went on to I Dream for 19 Entertainment because they had already agreed to do it. Unlike the S Club 7 shows which focused upon the band’s fictional exploits, I Dream saw S Club 8 as members of a larger ensemble cast. I Dream revolved around the summer school Avalon Heights, run by Professor Toone (played by Christopher Lloyd), where the characters tried to improve on their talents in the performing arts.

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  1. hiya.

    i love the saturdays!!!!!! they are so lovely.
    frankie has well nice hair and she is allways happy (yay)
    mollie is just so nice and sweet
    una is funny and has good taste is fashion
    rochelle has a lovely boyfriend and is really kind
    vannessa is so funny and lovely
    i want tro meet them.
    by the way love all there songs allways listering to there music want there cd. there fab singers

  2. Frankie is a stunner ! She is my idol and i love her xx
    She has a lovely smile and is really sweet. I wish i was her 🙁 But i still love my own life atm, i listen to there new album all the time there all amazing singers and all are gorgous xx
    Loveyu Frankie xx

    1. why would you want to grow it i have hair like frankie sandford and i wouldnt change it for the world what dont you lke about it

  3. Hey this is to anyone that can help me, I love the style of frankies hair and I realy want my hair like it! But I have broad shoulders so do you think it would suit me, if not, what will?
    Thankyou(: <3

  4. Smiley Pants

    Frankie’s real name is Francesca ?!?!?! I didn’t know that. Does anyone know if she has a Facebook or Twitter ???? , I’d like to follow her.

  5. Omggg Frankie Your Gorgeous , You’ve been me idol since years, I Have the same hair as ya aswell 😀 I Remembeer when i met you, and you waved at me !!!!:-Dxxxx

  6. Biggest fan of Frankie Sandford!

    i have the same hair style as frankie also and i wouldnt change for the world i would love to meet her 😀

  7. I LOVE YOU FRANKIE <3 I've got all your pictures in a slide show on my phone , you are so adorable hot talented and gorgeous , im just in love with you and your hair ♥♥

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