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Vanessa Karen White (born 30 October 1989) is an English pop singer and songwriter. She rose to fame in 2008 as a member of British girl-group The Saturdays.
Vanessa was born in Yeovil, Somerset. Attracted to from a young age she attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School on Saturdays before being offered a full time place and moving to Stratford, London with her family when she was five. She appeared in several theatre productions, including the West End production of The Lion King as Young Nala and also played one of the King’s daughters in The King And I from 2000-2002. She has a brother, Ryan, and a younger sister, Celine.

Having already been signed as a solo artist White auditioned for, and was accepted as, a member of a newly-formed girl group in 2007. She gelled quickly with the four other members who now refer to her as “our Christina Aguilera” due to her extensive vocal range.

The B-side to their single “Work”, “Unofficial”, is a revamped version of a song White wrote during her teenage years and was originally titled “Artificial Love”.

During June and July 2009, whilst during The Saturdays debut headline tour, she was about to go on stage for the second show of the tour in Dundee, White tripped over a cable backstage and tore a ligament in her ankle and missed a large proportion of the show that night. Once paramedics had strapped up her foot, she was permitted to join the band on stage in a wheelchair. White spent the next few shows appearing on stage sitting on a bar stool and gradually began to stand for more and more songs as the tour progressed, before being able to perform her choreography again.

Along with the other members of the group, White has co-written a track on their second album, Wordshaker, titled “Deeper”.

Vanessa provided additional vocals on Master Shortie’s debut album A.D.H.D. on the track ‘Swagger Chick’. The album was released on the 27 July 2009. In January 2010, White participated in the British ITV1 celebrity reality television programme Popstar to Operastar. She was the second contestant eliminated, on 22 January. White took part in and was compressed into a box so that it appears only her head, hands and feet are there on Stephen Mulhern’s Magic Numbers ITV1.

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  1. Vannessa you are amazing just as well as the other four girls i love you all all pretty and Vanessa, you are very lovely and in love with food which is great never stop 🙂 LOVE YOU VERY MUCH TOO 🙂 please reply and all the rest of the girls aswell
    love you all
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  2. vanessa can you tell me who your mum and dads name before the end of the month please and also can you add me on msn
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      1. Smiley Pants

        OH MI GOD . . . . REALLY ?!?!?! If it is yhu then tweet me something personal about Vanessa tht only she would know. (@SmileyJackers)

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