Headlines Tour Review – Olympia Theatre – 2nd March 2011

Review by Stephen Byrne

Before The Saturdays took to the stage Duck Sauce’s “Barbra Streisand” was played over the PA with one clever twist. Audience members names had been inserted into the song. A nice touch that brought loud applause from the friends and families of the 40 or so names chosen. Indeed fan appreciation was one of the major themes of the evening with countless waves, nods, pointing, and kisses blown from the stage.

The curtain dropped to reveal the girls shimmering in 80′s throwback dresses. standing on a raised platform with flashing neon lit stairs on either side. The stairs were cleverly used to hide a classy live band. The 80′s theme continues through the music with splashes of 80′s bubblegum pop like Yazoo on “Situation” and the Comic Relief cover of Depeche Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough” both hits with the crowd.

Surprisingly the crowd was mostly 20 something girls, rather than the lemonade brigade you might expect and the high fashion on stage was mimicked in the crowd. The Saturdays were eager to stress, the importance of finishing the tour in Ireland, with repeated references to Dublin and Una Healy, between songs.  Healy, seemed slighty overawed by her welcome at times.

The girls performance was top-notch with Vanessa White undoubtedly the best singer and Frankie Sandford the best and most natural performer in the group. While Healy got her moment in the spotlight when she played guitar on the ballad “Died in Your Eyes”  A Rhianna medley including  “What’s My Name” whipped the crowd into a frenzy, with songs like “Up” and “Work” proving a hit with the crowd.

Following a brief intermission The Saturdays returned to the stage, in an array of little black dresses, each slightly different from the one before.  The second section of the show was disappointing compared to the first section, with perhaps too much time devoted to thanking people, and dragging band members on-stage, rather than performing. There was also a marked decline in the standard of choreography. Which must be addressed, if The Saturdays truly intend to take on Girls Aloud’s mantel, as biggest girl band.  However with songs like “Ego” still to come, they finished the night on a high.

Review by Goldenplec

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