Ego was the second single from the UK girl group The Saturdays second album, Wordshaker. It was subsequently also featured on the girls 3rd album/EP release Headlines. It was released on 3rd January 2010. The single peaked in the UK Singles chart at number 8. The song was accompanied by probably their biggest budget music video yet, as the girls played their alter-egos to bring down their nemesis. The song is a clear fan-favourite and is often performed at their own tours and summer festivals.

BBC Switch Live, 15th November 2009

Blue Peter, 16th December 2009

BBC Radio1 – Live Lounge, 17th December 2009

GMTV, 21st December 2009

Alan Carr Chatty Man, 22nd December 2009

Alan Titchmarsh Show, 11th January 2010

A Diary of The Saturdays: T4 Special, 16th January 2010

Dancing On Ice, 17th January 2010

The Saturdays 24/7, 26th August 2010

A Concert For Heroes, 12th September 2010

What Goes On Tour…, 15th May 2011

Headlines Live!, 5th June 2011

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