Headlines Era

Live from Studio Five, 2nd June 2010

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Isle Of Wight Festival, 12th June 2010

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T4 On The Beach 2010, 3rd July 2010

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T4 On The Beach 2010, 4th July 2010

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Radio1 Interview, 24th July 2010

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Suck My Pop, 30th July 2010

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Alan Carr: Chatty Man, 1st August 2010

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GMTV, 4th August 2010

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Big Brother Little Brother, 8th August 2010

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This Morning, 10th August 2010

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The Crush, 12th August 2010

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Album Chart Show, 12th August 2010

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BBC Breakfast News, 13th August 2010

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CBBC Newsround, 13th August 2010

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Live From Studio Five, 19th August 2010

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Perez Hilton, 26th August 2010

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A Concert For Heroes, 12th September 2010

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Lorraine, 28th October 2010

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Live From Studio Five, 28th October 2010

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Alan Titchmarsh, 4th November 2010

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Loose Women, 5th November 2010

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Xtra Factor, 6th November 2010

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Freshly Squeezed, 8th November 2010

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Koko Pop, 13th November 2010

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Nickelodeon, 13th November 2010

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BRMB 2010, 28th November 2010

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Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball Backstage, 5th December 2010

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Daily Star, December 2010

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