The Girls’ Diary 2010

Dancing On Ice Rehearsal

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Dressing Gown Competition

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Frankie In Disneyland

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Valentine Silent Disco Competition

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Mollie Gets A Fringe

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Bono Meets Jackson

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Nick And Rochelle Do Battle

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Una & Rochelle Talk TV Ads

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Mollie Flip Competition

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Frankie Thanks The Fans

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New Generation Festival Disneyland

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Disney With The Sats

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Behind The Door

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Easter Egg Comp – The Winners

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Long Long Ago In Forever Is Over Land

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Rochelle’s Birthday

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Old School Mochelle Show!

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Introducing Alfie

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At An @TheSats Meeting

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How Long Can A Smoothie Last?

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Incy Wincy Spider

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Mollie’s Training Session

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Mollie’s Bday Prep Madness

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Bieber Fever At Sats Rehearsal, June 2010

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Dance Lesson Madness, June 2010

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T4 On The Beach Preparations, July 2010

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Take Your Puppy To Work Day!, July 2010

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The Power Cut, July 2010

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The Sats Backstage At The O2, July 2010

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The Sats Shoot A TV Commercial, July 2010

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The Sats Are Ready To Rise, July 2010

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The Sats Don’t Want No Scrubs, August 2010

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‘Missing You’ Single Singing Mayhem!, August 2010

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The Sats Live From Studio Five!, August 2010

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The Sats Go Behind The ‘Headlines’, August 2010

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The Sats Go ‘Higher’ In LA!, September 2010

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Five Saturdays, Nine Dogs, One Crazy Day!, September 2010

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The Sats Perform For Help For Heroes, September 2010

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The Sats Go Ghost Hunting, September 2010

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Presenting… The Saturdays Official Book!, October 2010

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Frankie & Mollie Take Over Fascination Towers, October 2010

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Backstage Antics At ITV, October 2010

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Madness At The Sats Book Signing, October 2010

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The Sats Launch The 2010 Poppy Appeal, October 2010

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The Sats ‘Go Higher’ At Live Lounge Rehearsals, November 2010

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The Sats Commemorate Remembrance Day 2010, November 2010

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The Sats Vs Spongebob, November 2010

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AOL Session Sneak Peek, November 2010

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Live From Cardiff For Children In Need, December 2010

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Going With The Flo At Jingle Bell Ball, December 2010

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Christmas Caroling For Marie Curie, December 2010

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The Best Of 2010: January – July, December 2010

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The Best Of 2010: August – December, January 2011

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The Sats Take On 2011, January 2011

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Headlines Tour Dance-Off, January 2011

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