WordshakerOriginal UK Release
12th October 2009

1. “Forever Is Over” (Sam Watters, Louis Biancaniello, James Bourne) – 3:40
2. “Here Standing” (Jordan Omley, Michael Mani, Nina Woodford) – 3:36
3. “Ego” (Steve Mac, Ina Wroldsen) – 2:59
4. “No One” (Wroldsen, David Eriksen) – 3:18
5. “One Shot” (Wroldsen, David Kreuger, Per Magnusson) – 3:31
6. “Wordshaker” (Wroldsen, David Eriksen) – 3:30
7. “Denial” (Chris Braide, Wroldsen ) – 3:53
8. “Open Up” (Wroldsen, Kreuger, Magnusson) – 3:52
9. “Lose Control” (Jörgen Elofsson, Pär Westerlund) – 3:19
10. “Not Good Enough” (Wroldsen, Josef Larossi) – 3:40
11. “Deeper” (The Saturdays, Wroldsen) – 4:05
12. “2 am” (Andreas Romdhane, Larossi, Wroldsen) – 4:08

Second Album: Wordshaker (2009)

Wordshaker is the second studio album released by The Saturdays, released on 12 October 2009 through Fascination Records. It is the group’s first album to feature a song where they are credited as writers. Upon release the album peaked at number nine on the UK Albums Chart, but the following week fell out of the top 30. The album was later removed from release due to the re-released version of their 3rd album/EP Headlines which was re-released to include songs from Wordshaker.  The album was preceded by the lead single “Forever Is Over”, which peaked at number two. Second single “Ego” was released on 4 January 2010 and equalled the album’s success by reaching number nine on the UK Singles Chart.The group started work on their second album in early March 2009 whilst they performed their first headline shows, The Work Tour. Two songs from the recording sessions “One Shot” and “Wordshaker” were part of the setlist and appeared on the album. The tracklist for the album contains the song “Not Good Enough”, which was originally recorded during the Chasing Lights sessions but was later remixed for inclusion on Wordshaker. The official cover was revealed in a special mailer to fans on the group’s official form/website on 23 September 2009.

The majority of the album were written/co-written by Norwegian songwriter Ina Wroldsen who has written previously for the group as well as working with The Pussycat Dolls, Pixie Lott and Leona Lewis. Additionally the album features one song called “Deeper” which accredits every member of the group as a writer. Additionally it was revealed that the song “Forever Is Over”  was in fact written for Kelly Clarkson to record for her album. However during a visit to the record label’s HQ The Saturdays heard the song and requested the song’s writer James Bourne to let them record it instead.

“Wordshaker” generated generally favourable reviews amongst critics upon its release. Allmusic’s Matthew Chisling awarded the album three out of five stars, praising the girls and the album for “combining aggressive basslines and vocals that are a pinch of prowess”. Chisling’s praised tracks like “Open Up,” “Lose Control,” and “Not Good Enough” for their “catchiness [that] can’t be denied”. However he criticised “Forever Is Over” and “One Shot” for being “unoriginal” and for being “too Americanized”.

David Balls of Digital Spy said that “If anything, the girls are showing even more confidence this time around”, Praising ‘One Shot’ and ‘Wordshaker’ for both combining “grinding basslines with lethal pop hooks”. However he was less impressed with the ballads criticising and calling them a “curse” on the album. As a whole he called the album “fresh-sounding” and that it “should take the group one step closer to household names”. He went on to give the album three out of five stars.

Michael Cragg from musicOMH called the album as a whole an “enjoyable blast of well-crafted pop” with “throbbing synths” that’s “joyful”. The only critique Michael had was that “The Saturdays have yet to master – the ballad” stating they “bludgeon most of the slower songs to death.” but when they stick to having fun its very “enjoyable”. Michael went on to give the album three out of five stars.


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