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Mollie King (born 4 June 1987) is an English singer, known for being a member of The Saturdays.

Mollie Elizabeth King was born in Wandsworth, Greater London, the youngest of three daughters born to Susan (née Wykes) and Stephen King, and attended Surbiton High School, in Kingston-upon-Thames, Greater London.

She has two sisters, Ellen and Laura. Mollie had a successful ski career and was on the Surbiton High Ski team with fellow pupil Chemmy Alcott. By age eleven, she was a member of the British Children’s Ski Team resulting in her receiving a scholarship to the British Ski Academy. King later raced for Great Britain as one of the youngest on the team and later went on to ski for the British Alpine squad although she turned down a ski career to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. Mollie  achieved three As in her A levels, in Psychology, Business and Economics and Sport, despite suffering from dyslexia.

13 thoughts on “Mollie King”

  1. Dear Mollie,
    Are you a Harry Potter fan? I think you almost stole the show at the red carpet at the HP premiere!!

  2. hello there mollie  what was your favorite subject at school it formy school homework at st leonards academy please reply before the 29th of this year please xx

    from a saturdays fan

    jasmine isted

  3. Mollie your amazing just as well as the other four girls i love you all all pretty and mollie your the smiliest one and smiles everyones day up love you all
    xxx 🙂

    Massive fan, Maria xx

  4. Dear Mollie
    i love your voice and your name because my name is mollie as well you are my fave singer and i hope to meet you one day LOVE MOLLIE

  5. Mollie King Hicks

    I am 8-yrs old, live in Austin, Texas and share your name! I just saw the first show on television and I am your biggest fan. XOXO Mollie King H

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