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Review from DigitalSpy:

Where have The Saturdays been?
On tour, that’s where! Yes, after two (and a half) successful albums and a healthy batch of chart hits, Frankie, Mollie, UnaVanessaRochelle are slap-bang in the middle of their second trek across the UK – and being journalists of the musical variety, we popped along to their London date to see if the girls can work, work it live onstage.

What did they sing?
Aside from their eight top top ten hits, and the momentary chart blip ‘Work’, the group performed the remainder of their Headlines! LP, as well as the single-that-never-was ‘Here Standing’ and, somewhat peculiarly, ‘Denial’ from their Wordshaker album. We were also treated to a Rihanna medley (‘Love The Way You Lie’ / ‘What’s My Name’ / ‘Only Girl’) and one brand new cut, a slowie named ‘Turn Me In’. In short? A thoughtful, solid and worthy setlist.

What did they wear?
From the sparkly spandex dresses, to the fluorescent high street gear, to the dominatrix-inspired skirts for the finale, “camper than a big van” is probably the best way to describe their attire – and truth be told, we wouldn’t want it any other way. Favourite outfit of the evening goes to Frankie and her leopard-print hot-pants – work it grrl!

And the moves?
We’ll be honest, we weren’t expecting routines of PCD proportions – even if we do occasionally call Mollie “the Kimberley Wyatt of the group”. As such, the dancing, for all its chest popping, hand flailing and sexy strutting, was slick, on-point, and most importantly, easy to imitate. Special mention goes to ‘Karma’ and the “choke on some really hot coffee” move. We’ll let you picture that one for yourselves.

In summary…
Ultimately, the ‘Headlines!’ tour delivers exactly what you’d expect from a group who’ve just begun to find their feet (Literally! – Ed.) – an entertaining, enjoyable and lively evening that forgoes expensive theatrics in favour of placing the spotlight squarely on the girls and their tunes. Their vocals – both individually and in harmony – have improved audibly since their previous tour, which can only mean good things for album number three (four?) and a third jaunt planned for December this year.

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