Interview: Daniela Brooker

@danielabrooker is someone you will be hearing a lot more from. Not only is she being touted as one of the new emerging UK talents, she is also one of the support acts who are joining our girls on their ‘All Fired Up’ Arena Tour. We have spoken to Daniela about herself, and the tour, and what you should expect from her set.

TheSatsCoUk: Hi Daniela, how would you describe your sound to the members of TeamSats who might have not heard much from you?
Daniela: I would call it pop but with elements of rock and RNB!

TheSatsCoUk: Sounds exciting! Should any new fans expect an album release in the near future?
Daniela: yes, I am looking to have a completed album by mid to end of the new year! Im so excited for people to hear it!

TheSatsCoUk: What should everyone going to the ‘All Fired Up’ tour expect from your set?
Daniela: You can expect an upbeat vibrant show with hopefully something to suit everyone’s taste! You can expect to be listening to a stripped acoustic song one second to ten be followed by a big dance track which I will be forcing audience members to dance to!

TheSatsCoUk: It seems the media are hyping you up as the ‘next big thing’ in the UK/US music scene. Do you see this as added pressure or is this something that inspires you onto achieving greater things?
Daniela: I don’t like to think about those big introductions, I just do my thing and hope people like it! it definitely inspires mr to work hard and I feel as if I have to put on a good show.

TheSatsCoUk: You’ve just finished a US promotional tour. Did that go well? UK acts seem to be taking off in the US recently with a little help from the likes of Adele, is this a market you would like to break into or are you concentrating on the UK scene first?
Daniela: I love the music scene in the US! It is so diverse! I do of course want to break the UK but after touring in the US it has really made me want to break through stateside! anywhere that will have me though – I’l be happy!!!!!

TheSatsCoUk: Who are your influences?
Daniela: Big singers such as Etta James and Christina Aguilera really have influenced me to want to be a singer! Musically with my own material ‘No Doubt’ – Gwen Stefani’s band – have been a massive influence!!

TheSatsCoUk: You are so young to have had a crack into the US – How did this happen?
Daniela: I was just wanting to get experience on the road and play to different crowds from a over and the opportunity ores ted itself as i was asked to be the face for hard rocks pinktober. From there other shows were booked also and the tour happened! I had the most incredible time.

TheSatsCoUk: Tell us about your new single?
Daniela: My new single is called ‘Forget About Yesterday’ it’s a track that is aimed for the clubs but is also chilled enough to listen to at home! It’s about forgetting your troubles! People lives can be so hectic, that music can be a great escape so I wanted to write something light and feel good!

TheSatsCoUk: You write a lot of your own music- Tell us about this process?
Daniela: I have a few different producers I work with! So I usually go into the studio and begin to wrote lyrics and a top line melody and then the producer will give me some direction for example I often get ‘Daniela don’t write such romantic lyrics’ haha I can’t help it! And then afterwards we will ad the music and then forms the song!

TheSatsCoUk: Do you see a difference in a US audience to a UK audience- now that you have done both?
Daniela: The audience taste is very different! I find America likes my tunes that are slightly more stripped back, whereas the UK wants the hard club tunes start to finish! I love both so I’m happy either way!

TheSatsCoUk: You were involved with London Fashion Week – how do you feel fashion plays into music- the girls love fashion?
Daniela: I love fashion, I think it’s such a great to express yourself and feel good! I definitely did that wearing the right outfit gets me into the mood to get on stage! I love dramatic stage outfits! My dress for the tour I actually bought when I was in the states, so i can’t wait to dance about in it!!

TheSatsCoUk: Do you have a favourite The Saturdays song?
Daniela: I love their last single ‘All Fired up’ such a good track to get me in the mood to go out! the title makes me excited too for the tour!

TheSatsCoUk: This is The Saturdays first full scale arena tour. Have you performed to such big audiences before? Any pre-tour nerves?
Daniela:  I have never played venues this size, I cannot wait.! I actually don’t et very nervous before hand! When in about to go on I’l feel it in my stomach but as soon as I’m on stag an the music starts I always seem to relax!

TheSatsCoUk: Daniela, thanks for your time. Any last messages for the members of TeamSats before you hit the tour on 2nd December?
Daniela: I am so exited to be supporting The Saturdays and I cannot wait for the all fired up tour! Make sure to download my new single ‘Forget About Yesterday’ in January! see you soon, DB xxx

I’m sure everyone will give Daniela a warm welcome on the ‘All Fired Up’ tour.  You can learn more about Daniela from her official website

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