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The-Saturdays.Co.Uk is an unofficial website for the Universal Music (and its subsidiaries) musical act, The Saturdays. This website is made by fans for fans and makes no impression or impersonation of the official site, which can be found under the domain “www.thesaturdays.co.uk“. We are in no way affiliated with The Saturdays, Universal Music, or their management. Accordingly, we cannot and will not contact the group, their managers, their record label etc. for any matter. Any inquiries sent to our addresses looking for the group, their managers, their record label, etc. will be ignored and deleted.

As many are aware, we do run competitions and promotional activities alongside their record label and/or management but that does not mean we can pass on your own personal comments and ideas to the labels.

The entire website’s design is based on the WordPress theme “Customizr” by Press Customizr. Featuring customisations by ourselves (TheSatsCoUk). This layout is the property of Press Customizr and The Saturdays Fansite (TheSatsCoUk) (unless otherwise stated in coded comments). It should not be copied, duplicated, or recreated and any way, shape, or form without permission. If materials that you wish to copy, duplicate, recreate, etc. are not offered freely, assume you do not have permission.

Pictures, videos, and other intellectual properties are used on this website, its forum at the Generation Network website, it’s social networking sites, and galleries with thanks to photographers, photo agencies, magazines, newspapers, news agencies, and all other producers of the content (including fans!) and as well as Fascination/Geffen Records and the group itself. These properties are used for promotional purposes only and are never an attempt to infringe copyright laws in the United Kingdom, United States, or in any other country of the world. We do not claim ownership of these properties and try to give notice to the content’s producers. If your works have been used on this website and want credit for the work or want the work removed completely, please contact t[email protected] .

News stories are quoted and rarely copied with thanks to the writers and creators of such articles and credit is always given where possible.

The-Saturdays.Co.Uk and Generation Network as a whole is non-for-profit and makes no money from its ventures.

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