Finest Selection : Greatest Hits

 Finest Selection - The Greatest Hits

Released: 11th August 2014
Standard Edition:
1. What About Us (Feat. Sean Paul)
2. Higher (Feat. Flo Rida)
3. Ego
4. All Fired Up
5. What Are You Waiting For?
6. Up
7. Forever Is Over
8. Issues
9. Disco Love
10. Notorious
11. Missing You
12. Work
13. Not Giving Up
14. 30 Days
15. 808
16. Gentleman
17. If This Is Love
18. Walking Through The Desert
19. My Heart Takes Over
20. Just Can’t Get Enough

Deluxe Edition (Includes the above CD) plus:

Flashback – The B-Sides Collection

1. Not That Kinda Girl
2. Flashback
3. Wildfire
4. Beggin’
5. Turn Myself In
6. Love Come Down
7. Ladykiller
8. I Can’t Wait
9. Somebody Else’s Life (Acoustic)
10. Had It With Today
11. Ready To Rise
12. So Stupid.
13. What Am I Gonna Do
14. On The Radio
15. Unofficial
16. Golden Rules
17. Bigger
18. Crashing Down
19. When Love Takes Over

Super Deluxe (Includes the above 2 CDs) plus:

The Videos DVD

1. If This Is Love (Music Video)
2. Up (Music Video
3. Issues (Music Video)
4. Just Can’t Get Enough (Music Video)
5. Work (Music Video)
6. Forever Is Over (Musicc Video)
7. Ego (Music Video)
8. Missing You (Music Video)
9. Higher (Music Video)
10. Notorious (Music Video)
11. All Fired Up (Music Video)
12. My Heart Takes Over (Music Video)
13. 30 Days (Music Video)
14. What About Us (Music Video)
15. Gentleman (Music Video)
16. Disco Love (Music Video)
17. Not Giving Up (Music Video)
18. What Are You Waiting For? (Music Video)

Also includes a music lanyard with the fan chosen song ‘Get Ready, Get Set’.

Tour Edition
The tour edition was exclusive when purchasing tickets for the Greatest Hits Tour. It includes the standard CD and the DVD with all the music videos on.


Finest Selection – The Greatest Hits (2014)

Finest Selection – The Greatest Hits is the first Greatest Hits album release from The Saturdays. It was released in the UK on 11th August 2014, proceeded with the lead single ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ which was released the day before.The main album contains all the girls hits, including 3 newly recorded songs, the lead single ‘What Are You Waiting For?’, 808 and Walking Though The Desert.


A variety of different versions of the album where released. The standard edition included 20 of the girls greatest hits, and 3 new songs.

A Deluxe version was also released which included all the girls single b-sides over the years, available for the first time as a single disc.

A super deluxe version was exclusively released via the girls official online store. This came with the standard and b-sides album along with a DVD of all the girls music videos. The release also came with an exclusive lanyard which played the song ‘Get Ready, Get Set’ (taken from the album On Your Radar) which was voted as a fan favourite via an online vote via social media. All this was encased in an exclusive The Saturdays tin.

There was also a ‘Tour Edition’ which was available to order when people purchased tickets for the Greatest Hits tour. This album contained the standard Greatest Hits album alongside the DVD of music videos.

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