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37 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi ladies i think your doing a great job , the singing is great , the entertainment’s great, but most of all you look so so so sexy and great all the time i love u guys all the best john xx

  2. hey girls love what you have been doing. I hope every thing goes well for you this year. And could you please come to Grimsby i know its a lot to ask but I will be in your debt if you could. thanks.
    love from Matty x x x

  3. Hi The Saureday members,

    My friend met you she’s called Hannah.
    I don’t think you remember her but she did.
    You guys/girls sing really really well better then the Jonas Brothers hahaha.
    My sister has every single song that you have done on every single phone that she has!!!!!!(so do i)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    P.S me and my sis really want to meet you.

    P.P.S. i’m 9 and my sis is 13


  4. hi girls my gosh u girls are beautiful i need to do your makeup!!!!!!! ive done makeup for 7years and i can do anything ive done simon webb…his bands, helena bonaham carter, hollyoaks girls etc… i would love to do your makeup for a shoot/video, please please please get in contact with me let me really show you what makeup is u guys are beautiful but i feel ur makeup doesnt do you justice!

    let me show you

    Leena xxxxxxx

  5. hey saturdays!
    me and my friends Amy,Sophie,Lucy and sj r doing a film of all of u and i am Rochelle! i think you r the best and u my hero lol hehehe . Anyway we r recording the first 2day i am really exited. And maybe me and my friends could find some way of sending the film 2 u when we r done if u want! You can sit down 1 night with popcorn and watch us trying 2 be u guys! anyway take care u lot xAlice x

  6. hiya,im annie and im ten and i really really love frankie and i want to grow up to be like you and my sister is really looks like u and she loves u too and i wish i could come to your conserts and meet you i watch your song everynight lo!so bye bye bye bye!!!!yor doing well on your singing and im love ego wow its great soo bye bye bye bye bye bye bye !!!!!
    p.s.youre doing great vannessa in popstar to oprestar kepp it up !!!!!!!lol!!!

  7. Hia i love all,i
    i’t my b day soon and i want
    your cd [word shaker]
    lv u louds
    luv from cerys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    p.s Franki is my fav.
    my sis fav is rochelle

  8. Hello sweety and nice the saturdays. Really ı love your songs. All time ı listning it. The most İf this is love… :-)) Very very good. So when will you get a new singls. I am waiting… I love you… Best regerds from Turkey…. This is my dearm ona day ı wana watch your consert….

  9. hey its me again,
    love what you have been doing,
    keep up the good work and keep looking sexy,
    just do let your “ego” take over you girls,
    love from Matty xxx
    PS: Frankie your my fave x x.

  10. i luv u guys my fav is una ye should do a concert in cork im absoulutly die ing to see u but u never come to ireland i hope u do if u do ill be there ure#1 fan aisling

  11. Great site!!!! Loved the pictures uploaded of 13th Feb…at Alto nightclub….Is there any way of finding out where Rochelle got her outfit from//the baby blue fringe top and skirt…..Love it!!!!

  12. hey girls it’s me again,
    your all dong fabulous as always,
    keep up the good work,
    now I have go to go and sort out a crisis,
    hope we can chat again,

  13. hey,
    it’s me again,
    look i dont know what has been going on,
    but you have lost at least 50 fans and 35 of them are my freinds and that does not include me,
    they just dont know what they are missing,
    hope every thing goes well and i am with you all the way,
    hope we can chat again,
    see ya. xxx

  14. hi girls it’s me,
    Frankie I am so sorry about your break up,
    I am positive that you will find someone else,
    but apart from that keep up the good work,
    P.S: Frankie if you ever need someone to comfort you don’t hesitate to talk to me i know what it feels like OK.

  15. Hi!
    Thought you’d be interested to know that The Saturdays have been nominated in the Hottest Girls Category in this year’s 4Music Video Honours!

    Head to to place votes and show the girls your support.
    Watch the results show live at T4 Stars of 2010 on 21st November 🙂

  16. hiya you are the greatset pop group of all time your voices are inspirational, your look is amazing and thats just one person think how many others there are ( theres millions) i think you have the look the sound you are the whole package you could not improve on anything you should just stay the way you are coz the way you are is just amazing! i wish i could go and one of your concerts but listening to your cds is fine by me keep it up. don’t change!!!!!!!!

  17. Hi next time you come to preston will one of the presenters of prestonfm be able to interview you and find out a little bit more about the saturdays

  18. Hi there,

    just want to say thank you for wishing me a happy birthday!

    I love your music, become my best group ever now!

    Take Care

    Love Dawn xx

  19. Hi Ladies

    My name is Claire and I wonder if you would be able to help my husband and I with his best man speech. We are looking for celebrities to do a 10 second clip on their phone to say ‘ wow can’t believe Dan Greaves is getting married, good luck Dan & Sharon!!’ ( or something similar) so far we have a few people to help ( JLS, Jonathan Wilkes & Pat Sharp) with every recording, myself & Richard will be donating to cancer research to say thank you. If you are able to help please send the clip to this email.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this

    Many Thanks

    Claire Burton

  20. Elle-Mai Laywood-Wells

    Hi, this is Elle-Mai,I am 9 years old.
    Me and my friends Katie, Bethany, Bronwyn are inspired by you all.So inspired we are going on Britains Got Tallent to sing some of your songs and show of our tallent like you.

    Love Elle-Mai and Friends

    P.S.what about us is our favroute song.

    P.S.S.Me and my friends would LOVE to come and see you LIVE.

  21. Hey, Are The Saturdays playing Glastonbury Next Year? I’m getting loads of acts from Access to music to perform, I know that Vanessa White went to Access to Music, and I was wondering if you girls could help out?

    Jord x

  22. But I can tell you I do not have a favorite saturday I kind of like mollie as my favorite Saturday if I had to choose one but I like all of you guys ;P

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