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Site History

the-saturdays.co.uk was the first fansite to launch for the UK supergroup The Saturdays. we officially launched on 7th April 2008 after a month of planning. On our 3rd birthday in 2011 we even got a birthday greeting from The Saturdays theirselves – you can see this here, and the accompanying news item here. On our 4th birthday we got a mention in the girls weekly mailer! 🙂 On our 5th birthday in 2013 we where very lucky to get a mention in the mailer, and also to get a tweet from the lovely Una Foden

The site came about from the Generation Network community which had a large S Club 8 (Frankie and Rochelle’s former band) following. In late 2007 members on the forum made everyone aware that these two girls where to appear in a new girl band called The Saturdays. Excitement slowly got larger and then it was decided by the community that we should launch our own The Saturdays website too 🙂 After a few months of planning and working behind the scenes the site launched, and promptly got in trouble with the girls record label for spilling the beans on the new video ‘If This Is Love’ ahead of the official record label launch for the girls (oops!) You can use the awesome ‘Wayback Machine’ to see how the site has looked and evolved over the years. 

At the start several people worked on the site, but as the site grew some people left as the work load was greater than they anticipated. Many people have worked on the site over the years to create the site that you see today. As of November 2013, the site is being totally run by Matt. You can meet the team behind the site on a more personal level using the links at the top of the page.

As of April 2015, we are hosted in London, UK by HostWithLove and run of the WordPress.

Contact The Website

You can contact the website team by e-mailing us directly at [email protected] or you can message us your questions via twitter @TheSatsCoUK or leave us a message on Facebook other ways to contact the site can be found in the ‘social’ tab at the top of the site.

Please remember that we are only a fansite for the group, although we do have indirect links to the group via their record label and/or management we are not in a position to personally give messages to the group. Please visit our disclaimer for more information.

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