[Update] Happy Birthday to Us! Five Today!

Update: At 4.25 this afternoon, we got a tweet from @UnaTheSats herself! Awesome. Many thanks Una 🙂


Never would I have thought from when ideas of this site where nothing but talk in late 2007, from our launch in April 2008 to this present day, I would be sitting here typing a message that was celebrating our 5th year online. Firstly just a quick thanks to the girls, their record label and management who we have development a great relationship over the years, and for their very kind message in the girls official mailer that everyone should have received yesterday in the e-mail! For those who didn’t get it, then check out the – cheeky – message they was left for us below 😉


Again, thank you all for your support, it’s made our work a little easier, and we will continue to be here to support the girls for the foreseeable future 🙂

I’ll keep this short and soppy-free but I do feel 5 years does show a lot of work, effort, dedication, and love towards the group. Updates over the past 5 years probably average around 3-4 items a week, obviously videos are very well received and take more effort, and if it wasn’t for the constant love the site gets from the visitors we would have probably stopped a long time ago.

So without sounding like a awarding winning speech, this is how it goes.

Firstly I would like to thank every single person who has worked on this site, from is conception to the present day. There has been an awful lot of you, but you know if you have helped out, in whatever way. You have helped round the site to what it is today in all your own unique ways, so thank you.

Obviously I also extend thanks out to The Saturdays, Una, Frankie, Mollie, Rochelle and Vanessa. We are sure that they poke their nose in now and then and Mollie’s mum also seems to be a fan of the site, so thank you girls for all that you do and long may it continue so that we can! Plus also thanks to the girls label and management who have been very understanding with our requests and have met a few of them, so your help has been priceless.

Last and never least, is you guys and girls. The ones reading this message now, the ones that have been visiting since day 1, or have just visited this weekend due to the mailer mention. Its you who come and look at what we post, reply to us on twitter and facebook, who make all the effort worth it. If we didn’t have any love from the people this site is aimed at, we wouldn’t have made it though five years. So I thank every single one of you, and hope you continue to promote us in your own way to friends and family who need their Saturdays fix.

Thank you one and all! Lets hope Year 6 produces the new album, a new tour and everything we can wish for, the same way Year 5 ended with the girls first UK Number One single!

Thanking you all!

– Matt xx

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