The Saturdays Ultimate Song – 2015 Poll


We are asking for the whole Saturdays Community to come together and vote in the ultimate song vote for 2015!

Listed below is every song recorded by The Saturdays. This excludes special live only versions which haven’t been released on an official CD or digital download.
We are also excluding ‘radio’ mixes of songs e.g. if you like Up just pick Up, rather than the remix, it’s the song we are after in whatever form it has taken.

It’s a LONG list, you can vote only once – if it does allow you to vote more than once, then use common sense please and don’t vote again! Voting is open until 11.59pm (UK Time) on 13th December. Results will be published over the Christmas & New Year Period. I have a great idea on how to publish the results, but for that to happen we need more than 5 people voting!

You can pick up to FIVE of your favourite songs! Difficult I know, but easier than voting for just one! Everyone has a few of their favourites which you always go to, this is your chance to pick those five – even those b-sides which you love so badly!

We want EVERYONE to get involved so if you run another Saturdays website, visit a Saturdays Forum, or just use social media please use the link above – or the shortened link here – and share it to everyone! Let’s see how many votes we can get!

We understand its been a while, so there is also a spotify playlist to remind you of what song is what! Hit play, listen to a few and decide!

Thank you! 🙂 Keep checking @TheSatsCoUk for the latest updates on this poll!

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