All Fired Up Tour Review – Bournemouth BIC – 2nd December 2011

Reviewed by Megz:

on 2nd december 2011 at 8.50pm, the lights in bournemouth BIC dimmed and a rupture of screams filled the air. the screens at the side filmed The Saturdays dressed in 50’s gear answering phones as their names appeared. then the screens showed a countdown from 3 and when it hit 1, the pitch black curtain dropped revealing a bright stage with stairs either side and a door in the middle, also a catwalk stretched in the crowd with a revolving circle for the girls to stand on. The spotlights bought attention in the air as a black cage slowly made it’s way down containing Rochelle, Wiseman, Vanessa White, Mollie King, Frankie Sandford and a pregnant Una Healy. The stunning quinted wore white blouses and sparkly black skirts and glasses worn in the Notorious music video. As the cage reached the floor, Frankie and Vanessa opened the doors as Mollie sung the first line in ‘Notorious’, after Rochelle began verse one Vanessa followed with her smashing vocals as they walked to centre stage to meet their hot dancers. When notorious drew to a close, bringing ‘chasing lights’ memories back, they sung a newly choreographed version of ‘work’ and during the final chorus, they walked up the stairs to the platform above the door to welcome the crowd that already were all fired up (excuse the pun) and took off their shirts and skirts revealing colourful outfits walked to centre stage singing a song for the first time ever, ‘get ready, get set’ the energy pumping track from their new album. After that we took another trip down memory lane to the wordshaker era as ‘forever is over’, a pure classic, got everyone on their feet by now. Keeping the ballad streak alive, ‘wish I didn’t know’ was a crowd favourite and I thanked my lucky stars during this song as Mollie gave me wave before the went off for a costume change. As the dancers showed off their moves, the 5 girls popped up underneath the stage wearing short hooded dresses and dark shades over their eyes and Vanessa sung the opening verse to ‘faster’ and we then went back to wordshaker as ‘ego’ was proffesionaly performed. But then we faced dissapointment as Una then said “it’s time for a break, you four stay here, me and bump need to sit down for 2 minutes” but it was understandable as she is 6 months pregnant and the four remainig members sung the new track ‘do what you wan’t with me’ with a sexy choreography. But they were a 5 piece again as after some technical difficulties, Una came back to join in singing ‘the way you watch me’ ft Travie McCoy who was seen singing via a pre-recorded video clip on the large screen above the stage. Slowing it down again, ‘issues’ was next following ‘just can’t get enough’ with a little scream from Frankie near the end as her dancer unexpectedly picked her up- or is she being the joker we know and love? as they boogied their way to change clothes again the boys strutted their funky stuff followed by a video introduction to ‘up’ and halfway through Rochelle appeared after having a wardrobe malfunction. taking us back to 2008, their first single ‘if this is love’ was performed mashed with the current song ‘moves like jagger’ as a cover song. Giving us another taste of their new album, my personal favourite ‘for myself’ got me cheering and letting the door close before them they went off to put on another outfit bound to wow us, and it did! in another silver dress they appeared on a large posh couch singing tear jerker ‘last call’ due to it being a ballad, Frankie had time to do the heart symbol back to me! as coloured sheets dropped from the ceiling- looking very much like the all fired up single colour ‘missing you’ was the next smashing performace by the fab 5. Speeding things up, the most anticipated song of the night, ‘all fired up’ excited the whole arena, then still of energy ‘promise me’ was the next new track the girls fantastically sung. That night I learned something new, when you’re a saturday, christmas comes early because showing off their six packs, the boys came on the stage with santa hats and trousers on organising christmas gifts as images off the girls at christmas as kids played for us to coo over! still in the christmas spirit a version of ‘winter wonderland’ was superbly performed wearing cute red leather santa dresses, and then their brand new single ‘my heart takes over’ wowed us again as snow gracefully fell on them and off came the red dresses, revealing whte tops with different coloured, very short skirts on and on the back the first initial of their name hung in solid gold off their tops, ‘Higher’ was a great song to end the awesome night on. giving the crowd one last wave, they dissapeared under the stage on a scissor lift.

it was a great experience being their that night and if you have tickets to other shows, prepare to be amazed 🙂 xx

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