Friday Feeling

Hello all! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, it’s all gone a little quiet. The girls have all settled down since grabbing that number one with What About Us and played a gig yesterday at Aintree where this post is coming from. It was lovely to see the girls live on stage again. It was my first time of seeing them live for over a year – and how we have all missed them! Welcome back girls, even if it was without Rochelle for obvious reasons! Ill post up some pictures from the show when I’m not posting this from a hotel room in Liverpool on my iPhone! But was lovely to see them to keep songs like ‘Get Ready, Get Set’ on the setlist. That song needs to be heard by the masses. Everyone really enjoyed tha show, great atmosphere. Thanks girls.

In other news it seems Una and Ben are going to appear on episode of All Star Mr and Mrs which should be interesting 🙂 Video on the site after that airs.

I have a couple of more things to post which is proving difficult on a mobile device so will add those when I get to a computer later tonight.

Also if you are going to the Manchester TeamSats meet up tomorrow then say Hi as we shall be in attendance! 🙂

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